Discuss a Family Health Care Beliefs, Values, and Behaviors


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Developmental  and Environmental Data

Family Structure and Family Functions



Client is Denis(female) Clarke, 62-year-old, divorced in 1987. Her mother is alive, father passed away in 1991
Daughter- Janine, 30
Son-in-Law- Wilson, 33
Grand-daughter- Adeline, 15 months

Family Case Study: The Friedman Family Assessment Model (Stanhope, Appendix E pg 1035) provides you with one example of the types of data that need to be collected to conduct a family assessment. This assessment tool is useful when the nurse is assessing the family from a public health or community-based perspective.

For this written assignment you will apply the Friedman Family Assessment Model to your own family.

This paper is designed to expand upon your knowledge of family as client. Upon completion of the assessment you will reflect on how you define ‘family’ and how your definition of this influences your nursing practice.

1.Conduct an interview of your family, using the Friedman Assessment Model

2.Write a  scholarly paper supported by a minimum of 5 current (within 5 years) scholarly references

3.Base your results on the interview with your family using the outline below.

Make sure that you have covered all areas of the outline below:

Family Case Study Paper:

A. Identifying Data

1.Include your name

2.Identify family composition (complete family composition form)

3.Discuss cultural/ethnic/religious  background

4.Identify social class status

5.Discuss family’s recreational or leisure time activities


B. Developmental  and Environmental Data

1. Identify family’s present developmental stage

2. Describe the extent of developmental tasks fulfilment

3. Discuss nuclear family’s history

4. Discuss history of family of origin of both parents

5. Describe characteristics of the home

6. Identify family support network


C. Family Structure and Family Functions

1. Describe communication patterns in the family: to include; familial and external variables affecting communication, characteristics of communication in family; decision- making process.

2. Discuss the role structure to include; formal and informal roles, decision-making process, variables affecting role structure.

3. Describe the family values:  to include; important family values and their importance (priority) in family, variables influencing family values, presence of value conflict(s) in family, effect of values and value conflicts on health status of family.

4. Discuss family child rearing Practices to include; value of children in family, cultural beliefs that influence child-rearing patterns, social class influence on child rearing, roles parents play in child rearing practices.

5. Discuss the affective function of the family to include; demonstration of closeness, nurturance, and need –response pattern

6. Discuss family   coping, and adaptation styles: to include; family stressors, strengths, and perceptions, family coping strategies, family adaptation.


D. Health Care Function:  to include;

1.  Discuss family health care beliefs, values, and behaviors

2.  Identify family’s definition of health-illness and their level of knowledge regarding this

3.  Identify family’s perceived health status and illness

4.  Discuss family’s health history

5.  Describe family’s feelings and perceptions of health care services


E. Reflection

1.  Reflect on your experience with the family assessment and what you have learned about your family.

2. Discuss how it has influenced you own personal definition of “family”.

3.  Discuss the effect this experience has had on your own personal attitudes about family.

4.  Discuss how this experience will influence how you work with families that may differ from yours.

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