Developing Strategies of New World (Supermarket)


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Demographic Segmentation

Psychographic Segmentation


In assignment 3 you are required to develop the detailed marketing strategies, the action plan and appropriate measures to evaluate and control the implementation. Use the template provided to structure your assignment.

  • Detailed marketing strategies
  • Action plan
  • Evaluation and control statement (mechanisms to track strategies and ensure objectives will be achieved within budget.


Developing Strategies

Market/Segment description

(Briefly describe in terms of demographics, lifestyle, and psychographic dimensions.)


Products/brands serving this segment



Product/brand positioning

(Briefly describe the brand positioning.)


Action Plan

1. Prepare a list of the actions (in column 1) that need to be taken in order to implement the recommended strategies.

2. In column 2 state the name of the individual who will be responsible for taking that action or position title if an actual person cannot be identified. (Ideally both the name of an individual and position should be stated.)

3. In column 3 state the time deadline when this action needs to be completed.

4. In column 4 specify how the performance of the action is to be measured.


Vision Mission


Evaluation & Control Statement

1. Prepare a list of what has to be measured in column 1.

2. State how this activity is to be measured (column 2).

3. In column 3 state how often this activity should be measured (for example, quarterly, half yearly or annually).

4. In column 4 state the data source.



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