Developing Effective Communication Skills will Enable You to Contribute to the Organisation


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Communication, or more specifically poor communication, can be one of the most stressful issues to deal with in life, let alone the workplace. Developing effective communication skills will enable you to contribute to the organisation for which you work more productively and efficiently. Effective communication skills are often cited by employers as the MOST required skill set when recruiting.

Use this discussion thread to share an example of effective or ineffective communication. You could share a link to a video or movie clip or paste an example of written communication for everyone else to consider. Then explain why you have chosen this example – what, in your opinion, makes it a good example of effective or ineffective communication?

Guidelines for discussion responses:

  • Your initial posting must respond to the question above
  • You are expected to contribute a maximum of ten postings during that period, so you should respond to the postings of the other students several times
  • You must complete a summary post at the end of the discussion reflecting on your learning


Post by Jayne
Communication is a huge subject that can take all forms. Written, oral and my favourite body language. This link to a short film is a good example of poor communication. I have chosen this clip because it exaggerates common poor communication but emphasises what the receiver of the information may hear rather than what is said.

The point that comes from this clip is that checking someone’s understanding can uncover miscommunication or as this clip shows, cause further confusion. When asking myself how this conversation could have been improved then clearly it should have been written down to reinforce the message.

Simply telling someone what to do may not get the message across. As Confucius says (551-479 BC), a great teaching scientist in ancient China, said ‘Tell me, I will forget; show me, I may remember; involve me, and I will understand’ (As cited by Wang, 2004). This message is very clear and shows that giving the message other elements such as a written form or a practical application to share understanding.   The clip above could have been improved by a practical demonstration of what the guard should do, rather than to keep explaining over and over with the same misunderstanding.


Figure 1 William Castle Quote.  Anon, (n.d)

William Castle above is correct. Some people feel their communication is fine and that it is the receiver that lacks understanding, either because they were not listening or they are not clever enough to follow what is being said.


1)Communicating as a Virtual Team
Ever worked remotely or as part of a virtual team? Maybe you are doing so now? In fact, you might think of your fellow CSE1 students as part of your virtual team.

Take a look at this post from the Harvard Business Review

I’d ask what tips you’d add to the list and how we might use these ideas in our daily, face to face communication in teams too?


2)Effective Communication via Text or E-mail

Considering effective communication, I read this newspaper article about text and e-mail as I use both for work, study and in leisure time. The reporter observed that the practical ‘use [of] text messages or e-mail for business purposes depends on who receives the message, for what purpose and in which time frame and location’ (Windermere, 2015).

If I evaluate the use of text and e-mail in work I can say that I use e-mail every day to receive transcripts, audio files and any business related messages. I send the same work back to the sender, completed, via e-mail for checking, processing and eventually my invoicing monthly for work sent, approved and then paid for by BACS. There is no paperwork involved at all, so reducing costs for stationery, postage, telephone calls, potentially driving anywhere and thus a great deal of time saved also.

In my part time role at the surgery I receive telephone calls all day, from mobiles and landlines, and digital intranet notifications and tasks. We send patients SMS text reminders if they have a longer than average appointment the following day which is a service as well as hopefully preventing appointment time being wasted if someone has forgotten to attend.

I have become so used to and dependent upon texting, e-mail and social media in  everyday life that I would certainly find it difficult to revert to just paper, landlines and letter writing (although I do still write cards and letters to friends and family, a tradition I hope never to stop). The same could be said for businesses reliant upon the same digital sphere, especially banks, airlines and the UK security services, to mention but a few.

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