Develop Personal Work Goals, Plans and Activities to Reflect Your Organisation’s Goals


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Identify areas for development


Slide 2/3: You have only answered the first part of this question and  also answer the below based on your scenario example:

1. Identify areas for development and explain what criteria must be attained in order for that employee to qualify for a development opportunity.

2. Select an area for improvement, such as time management, and outline the training that your hypothetical employee could take in order to improve their performance, such as by informing them of the effect their lateness or slow pace has on the business and their teammates.

3. Refer to the four main learning styles, as explained in the Learner Guide and adapt your training proposal to suit each learning style, so you have four choices available.

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Cover each of the below points in your report:

  • Evaluate your position as a role model. Identify ways in which you can improve your skills and knowledge


  • Develop personal work goals, plans and activities to reflect your organisation’s goals


  • Measure your performance against work place contexts and contingencies


  • Prioritise and facilitate competing demands to achieve personal performance levels


  • Use appropriate technology to write this report and use an electronic diary to draw a timeline for the development of your personal goals


  • Identify the steps will you take to ensure that you maintain a work­life balance and minimise stress


  • Assess your personal knowledge and skills against your competency standards to determine your development needs


  • Obtain feedback about your performance from work associates


  • Identify the method/s you would use to develop your competence in your weak areas so you can develop your skills


  • Review your networks and identify ways in which you can improve them, and give examples using the feedback obtained


  • Identify how you can develop new skills and knowledge to maintain a competitive edge in your industry


Slide 7 – risks could also include – May need to recruit for jacks position if termination is required or additional wages/training material to support jacks training etc.


Slide 8/9 – Owner/ due date etc. not completed. Deliverables not completed ( you have answered some deliverables under the heading resources). Please re consider your answers listed under resources. Resources as these are documents used. Training tools etc.


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