Design an Application for a Children’s Party Venue


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Include all the functionality described under the application description



Assignment Description:
For this assignment, you are required to design an application for a children’s party venue. The party venue wants a program that will allow staff to book in children’s parties and check for available party times. This program is for staff use only.


Task Description:

1) Design.

Prior to commencing coding, you need to plan what you’re going to code. Write an algorithm that describes how your program is going to work and how it links together.

2) Implementation

Develop a program for the party venue staff. This needs to:

a. Use a menu to provide the user with options to access different parts of the program.

b. Include all the functionality described under the application description. Make sure this includes the following elements

i. at least one array
ii. at least one if statement
iii. at least one while or do-while loop
iv. at least one for loop
v. at least one switch statement

c. Keep running until the user selects a menu option to exit the program.
You should aim to write code following high-quality coding practices, including comments, trapped exceptions and exhibiting good design where code is separated into separate methods.

Implementation of a program for the party staff, which:

– Uses a menu to provide the user with options to access different parts of the program.

– Allows the user to:

o Register a new party. The party venue needs to store the name of the person making the booking, the child’s name, the child’s age, the theme of the party, any food allergies, the number of guests and any special requests.
o Schedule parties. Guests have exclusive use of the venue for the party, so only one party can be booked at any one time.
o Display the party listing. This lists all parties. When a party is selected, list all the details for that party, including its scheduled date and time.

o Display all the party bookings for a selected day. These should be sorted from the earliest party time to the latest time, and identify which party is scheduled at which time.

3) Testing:

In your supplementary documentation, explain how you have tested your code and the results of your testing. This means writing down the inputs and actions which the marker should follow to reproduce the scenarios you used to check the program is working. Include screenshots demonstrating the results when you tested your code.

Documented testing results, that:

– explain how you have tested your code

– show the results of your testing with inputs and outputs included.

– include screenshots showing the test results.

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