Describe Your Involvement with Workplace Culture Improvements


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Why might people resist change?


Answering the following questions (Detailed Answers Required)

  1. Describe in detail your role in influencing groups and individuals throughout your organisation / department. Include all aspects that you feel are important to building positive role modelling and effective communication and consultation processes.
  2. Describe your involvement with workplace culture improvements.
  3. Describe how you demonstrated an understanding of global environment and new technology throughout your work activities.
  4. Describe 2 (two) situations where you have had a leadership role in a consultation and decision-making process in your company. Include details regarding the considerations you embraced, their effect on risk management, timeframes involved and issues involved.
  5. Describe how you ensured your conduct and performance built trust and support of both colleagues and those to whom you report
  6. Detail 2 (two) examples where you assigned accountabilities and responsibilities to your team
  7. Provide a copy of your resourcing plan that enabled teams to achieve their objectives
  8. Describe how you empowered your team, created / maintained a positive work environment, and encouraged innovative approaches to their work.


  1. Describe how you can serve as a positive role model in your workplace
  2. What are the benefits of business networking? Provide samples of networks you could join.
  3. What is meant by the term SWOT Analysis? Why is this analysis useful?
  4. Describe the benefits of goal setting, along with how you can apply this process.
  5. Describe 3 pieces of legislation that may affect you with your personal work priorities
  6. Describe 3 techniques for effective time management
  7. Describe in detail the following leadership styles and their application 2 different capital investment evaluation techniques
  8. Describe 4 different leadership theories.
  9. What are 10 traits of a great leader?
  10. Why might people resist change? (provide 10 reasons)
  11. Describe 5 different reasons why people may react differently to change
  12. Describe 5 different ways people may react to change
  13. In your opinion, what affects ethics have on a business?
  14. What steps could you take to ensure your organisation is represented positively in the media and the community?


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