Describe the main steps of one software development methodology you have selected supported by a diagram

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What software development life cycle will you choose


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Learning Outcomes

1.Compare and contrast differing systems development life cycle models.

2.Select an appropriate development life  cycle for a development scenario.


Section A 


“Choosing the Right Methodology for the Job”

You are a business analyst working for a software development firm.The firm’s success depends on the business analysts’ understanding of the different needs of their many clients who range from small local firms to branches of global organizations.

You are part of a team working for a senior business analyst to design information systems for the firm’s clients. The senior analyst believes that a productive way to persuade the clients to hire your firmfor the development of their software would be to present a convincing argument for the right choice of methodology you would utilize to develop the software.

In your answer you need to cover businesses of different sizes, emphasizing on various software development methodologies, their strengths and weaknesses, the pros and cons to the client.


You are expected to do appropriate research to produce the answers to the following questions.

a.Research and select two real life businesses; small, small to medium or large. Name them and write brief descriptions for each.

b.For each organization, you have considered, name one suitable software development methodology each for developing an information system.

c.Give 3 reasons for suggesting each of the methodologies in b).

d.Describe the main steps of one software development methodology you have selected supported by a diagram.

  • Diagram
  • Steps


Section B           

Read the following scenario and answer the questions below.

You have been asked to design  an information system for customer support and sales management for an organization. Because the organization’s business processes are so different from any other similar organization, the users admit that they are not entirely sure about what they want. You know that you do not understand the extent of the difficulties they may be involved. Yet, both you and the users are sophisticated project participants. The uncertainty about the project reflects that the users can conceptualize more than one way of solving their  problems in their system. The approach to meeting their requirements involves finding a solution to tricky system problems. You must find a system development approach to fix the problems of their existing system or modifying the system, that minimizes the risk of outright failure and provides maximum visibility for progress.

Q1. What software development life cycle will you choose?

Q2. Briefly, explain at least three key concepts of this life cycle.

Q3. Give3 reasons as to why you choose it?

Q4. In the life cycle method you have chosen, briefly, discuss three factors that are considered critical to the success of the software development.



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