Describe How You Intend to Ensure that the Risk of Waiariki Institute of Technology


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Who are the potential participants?


Learning Outcomes : Critically examine the legal and ethical parameters of research practice. Demonstrate understanding of the process for formulating a research proposal including ethics applications.

Part 1

• Guidelines

Explanation to ensure compliances

Demonstrate understanding of ethical principles



Part 2

• Student Projects

In this section, you need to explain whether you consider to be a student or staff directed project:

a) a research you have designed yourself without any external guidance;

b) a study which conforms to a standard specification determined by a supervisor. In your answer, you need to specify how you would obtain ethical approval for each of these projects.


Part 3

• Specify Whether Ethical Approval Is Required

In this section, you should explain whether you would be required to seek ethical approval according to Waiariki Insititute of Technology (WIT) policy, if

a) your research involves situations in which you (as a researcher) may be at risk or harm;

b) your research involves non‐specific research evaluations from pre‐existing data for the purpose of improving internal practices;

c) your research involves deception of study participants;

d) your research changes significantly during the period for which approval has been given;

e) you are the only subject of your own research and no hazardous procedure is involved.


Part 4

• Completion of WIT Ethics Application

Form is provided below



1. Please state the purpose of the project.


2. Provide full details of the project procedures (including sampling, data collection and data analysis) and attach all relevant documentation including if where data will be collected from (in the public domain or internally within Waiariki Institute of Technology)


3. Risk should be minimised.

3.1 Describe how you intend to ensure that the risk of Waiariki Institute of Technology or the participating individuals is minimised.


4. Responsiveness to Maori

Waiariki has an explicit commitment to ensuring that the Treaty of Waitangi is acknowledged and responded to as part of the ordinary life and activities of the Institution. We are asking you to demonstrate that you have given thought to the Treaty and its implications for this student project. For background information, please refer to Ethics Guidelines for Research and Teaching Projects.

4.1 What actual or potential implications for Maori will this student project have?

4.2 What advice have you had from Maori stakeholders or advisors before developing this proposal? How was this advice sought? And what was the input from this advice? How will Maori stakeholders have an on-going role?

4.3 What steps have you taken to recognise and protect the cultural and intellectual property rights of Maori individuals/whanau/hapu?



6. Dissemination of information.

6.1 Who will have access to the final reports? Give details of how participants can access the results of the research.


Ethics Application for Observing Children

7. Participants should be recruited voluntarily and with informed consent.

Who are the potential participants? How many?

• How will the potential participants be selected and recruited? Describe and justify the inclusion/exclusion criteria

• Describe how and when the parents of children/and guardian of others that cannot provide informed consent, will give consent.

• How are the parents informed of their children’s rights to:

  • Chose whether to participate;
  • Withdraw at any time without penalty;
  • Have privacy and confidentiality protected


8. Privacy and confidentiality should be respected.

8.1 What strategies are in place to store the consent forms from the proposed project?

8.2 Who will have access to the Consent Forms and what processes will be used to destroy them?


9. Additional Information

9.1 Detail any additional information that is relevant to the project

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