Describe at least Five Major Methods in Which you Communicate the Value of Your Total Rewards Program


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Answer any five of the following ten questions:

1. Define all of the elements that are part of the design of a pay structure, being certain to refer to your course workbook and textbook readings to show how each rate is computed.


2. Explain the purposes of a pay structure and show and critique an actual pay structure from work, your textbook, or Internate, and discuss its strengths and deficiencies given your author’s tables.


3. Discuss at least 10 topical areas that should be part of an employer’s pay administration guidelines by working from your textbook and course workbook and explain why each of these specific policies is important (i.e., New Hires-where to pay new employees in a pay range).


4. Consider a promotion of an Office Clerk to a Secretary, and discuss and justify the compensation and performance factors that you would take into consideration to determine the employee’s new rate and range placement.


5. Identify five performance evaluation factors with supporting definitions and three specific goals using SMART techniques for a Call Center Representative knowing that these standards will be used to determine pay increases and incentive opportunities.


6. Using one or more of the tables in your textbook readings, show how pay increases may be tied to salary range placement and overall performance ratings, and then discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of your recommended approach.


7. Discuss the common types of plan design and administrative factors that are important in adopting an individual or group incentive plan (e.g., eligibility, frequency of pay-outs, thresholds). You may select a plan from work or the Internet to guide your answers.


8. Create a table to display the total annual compensation earnings for one particular job within your organisation (i.e., Accounting Manager), making sure to also explain any major assumptions that would affect the employee’s total compensation (i.e., # of dependents). Be sure to show the employee’s base pay rate and employee and employer % or $ contributions to total compensation.


9. Describe at least five major methods in which you communicate the value of your total rewards program and justify why you think each of these methods are important and have been shown to be effective.


10. State five major compensation trends (e.g., need to adequately prepare for minimum wage increases, adopt a greater range of incentive plans for different jobs) and discuss what action plans your employer might adopt to achieve compliance, promote equity, and retain employees.


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