Describe and Discuss a Range of Foundational Perspectives that Explain the Concept of Leisure


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  • Socioeconomic factor and low income
  • Psychological state



You have volunteered to help a local non-government agency to take five young people to the Melbourne Cup. A flight is booked with three nights of overnight accommodation in Melbourne. You have obtained some local tourist information brochures and plan to go to the beach and do some sightseeing on the day before the Melbourne Cup. You have set up a WiFi enabled laptop and a roster at the motel so the young people can email home. If you wish the young people may have special needs. The 5 young people may have a common characteristic such as disability (mild, moderate or severe).


Consider including topics such as

1. Gender

2. The psychology behind shopping

3. Sociology of holidays and disadvantage

4. Social class, poverty

4. Body Image

5. Constraints on leisure

6. Animals in leisure

7. Pornography

8. Gaze, surveillance

9. Cyber Bullying and other internet technologies

10. Economics such as fair-trade and other economic factors in leisure

11. Geography, landscape and space

12. Ethics and philosophy in leisure


Identify how the topics chosen relate to  particular disciplines (e.g. gender may be approached from either a psychological or sociological perspective depending on the topic).



Rationale Part A: Library task

Part A of this assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your capacity to undertake research in a library using a range of data bases and search engines. The search terms relate to your first and second assignment.

This assessment task relates to the following subject learning outcome:

On successful completion of the subject, students will:

• be able to identify and utilise a range of sources pertaining to leisure in contemporary society;


Rationale Part B: Essay

This essay is in the form of a scenario and is designed to assess your understanding of the material in Module two. Parts of this scenario continue into assignment eight.

This assessment task relates to the following subject learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this subject, students will:

o describe and discuss a range of foundational perspectives that explain the concept of leisure and how it relates to social inclusion/exclusion and human rights in contemporary society;

o articulate the role of power, values and diversity in leisure practice;

o discuss and critically analyse contemporary and emerging issues associated with leisure and health including issues associated with mass consumption, sustainability and new technologies;

o develop the relevant academic literacy and learning skills essential for the successful completion of the academic and professional requirements of this subject , including critical reading, critical analysis, critical reflection, academic referencing and professional writing.



• evidence of critical thinking

• the utilisation of a range of scholarly sources pertaining to leisure in contemporary society

• structure of the essay (i.e. a well flowing, cohesively structured which has a clearly developed argument)

• the application of theory from three of the following disciplines (sociology, psychology, economics and geography) demonstrated capacity to analyse leisure and health from different perspectives

• ability to explain how leisure theory and practice may be applied to a specific population group in a community context

• ability to explain the relationship between leisure practices, health and wellbeing

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