Debate Over Legalization of Marijuana in the United States Its Pros and Cons


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Efforts on drug abuse and drug prevention in the U.S


1)The debate over the legalization of marijuana in the United States has been raging for over a century, with both sides having clear points of view. Research and explain the pros and cons of this debate. After you have presented both sides of the debate, decide where you stand in this debate and why. As you as you determine your position, consider the qualities of the SLU core value, integrity, including honesty, justice, and consistency. Why would justice and consistency be important considerations for the legalization debate?


2)After what you have learned in this course and based on your own experience/beliefs, do you feel the efforts to reduce drug abuse and drug addiction in the United States is positive, that is moving in the right direction? Or do you feel the efforts have stalled or are actually counterproductive? Has your view changed from the first time you responded to this question early in the term? Defend why you believe your response has remained the same or has changed.


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