Critically Evaluate of the Reasons for the Failure of a Bank Based Outside the UK During the Last Financial Crisis


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The failure of Northern Rock

Investing and financial markets


You must write a short focused essay which is an analysis and evaluation of one of the 2 topics below.

Essay topics:

1.Critically assess the reasons for the failure of the UK’s Northern Rock bank at the start of the last financial crisis, and assess who was responsible and whether the bank failure could have been avoided.

2.Critically evaluate of the reasons for the failure of a bank based outside the UK during the last financial crisis, and assess who was responsible and whether the failure could have been avoided.

Suggested structure for your Essay.

1.Short introduction, say what your aim is, why and how you will achieve it within the essay.


2.A discussion of the main issue/focus/history or background to the organization/sector/issue.  You will be presenting some background evidence here that will be drawn from a variety of sources many of which will be electronic and/or web pages. You must cite in the essay all your sources as you use them.  Avoid direct quotes, it is bad style. Take the ideas and evidence from your sources, write it up in your own words and cite the sources after each relevant sentence. Use the Harvard style. If you are unsure how to deal with web cites, then go to the library and get their Harvard referencing style guide.


3.A development of the relevant concepts and theory that you are using to examine the issue. You must consider market efficiency, the economic market failure theory, regulation theory and you can also consider aspects of behavioral bias. You might want to discuss differences of opinion or views, and/or apply the theory and concepts to what actually happened. You need to explain why the theory and/or concepts are of value in achieving your aim.  You might be using them to examine causes and effects, evaluate outcomes, or judge responsibility for outcomes for example.  In this section you are more likely to have sources from text books, financial journals, specialist magazines such as the economist, etc. This must all be cited and referenced using the Harvard style. You will need to focus on market failure theory in particular.


4.A section where you use detailed evidence from different sources about the issue together with the theory and concepts you have identified, to explore what happened.  This is analysis. The idea is to discuss, evaluate and comment.   Your comments are your views, and should be drawn and based directly from your discussion and evaluation.

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