Create an Orientation Program for the New Employee


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This project is all about building your own organisation ,and how to handle business on your own.

The final draft of the project is presented in a formal business report format. It will be professional and organised efficiently and effectively. This is not something that you throw together at the last minute. Each portion or section of the report should flow into the next. A description of each section is provided below and will be further discussed in class.

Components of the report:

Many of the components of this project build off of each other and will focus on an individual you hire and will develop throughout their career, such as the job description, training program, and performance appraisal. Several of these components are spreadsheets and policies. Be sure to introduce each component with a brief explanation of what it is and why you chose the type of program you chose.

Introduction This will introduce the organisation and the project to the reader. Include the structure of the paper and the organisation of how you have put the paper together.

Creation of your organisation Include in this section the description of the organisation and its culture, mission statement, the industry, union or union free, and size of the organisation. You will also include a spreadsheet of the employees, including name, age, gender, and number of dependents. You will need at least 10 employees.

Human Resource Plan If you plan to grow your organisation, how many employees, when you need them, and are they either employees, supervisors or managers. If you are reducing the size of the company how are you going to do it, through attrition, layoff, reengineering and how you are going to communicate these plans.

Job Description Write a job description of a position you need to fill.

Policies — You need to write at least 5 policies. Examples of policies you can write are attendance, dress code, substance abuse, harassment, emergency evacuation, and information resources.

Recruitment material Include any ads, or other materials you used to recruit for the above position you wrote for the above job description. Discuss the success or failure of your recruiting efforts.

Orientation program Create an orientation program for the new employee.

Training program Create either a management training, supervisor or employee training program for the new employee.

Performance Appraisal Review — Develop a program that will provide guidance for your new employee and a means of tracking his or her performance. The performance appraisal review is appropriate to the type of employee you hire.

Wage & Salary program You will create a wage and salary program for all of your employees, including an hourly and salary wage programs.

Benefits program Develop a benefits program for all employees, including both government regulated benefits and other benefits.

Reflection of the project This is where you get to reflect on this project. What are your thoughts, what did you learn, what can you use in your future and what you would do differently if given the chance. If you worked in a group, write about the group dynamics.

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