Corporate Responsibility-Apple Company


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Corporate Compliance
Ethical Issues

Please start work on research paper and PPT which will be called ‘Corporate Responsibility’ consisting of:
1. Corporate Compliance
2. Ethical Issues
3. Social Responsibility/Programs
4. Legal Issues/Lawsuits
The topic of the research paper and PPT will be the Apple Company. You will work this research paper using seven scholarly sources, it must be 6 pages (cover sheet and reference pages doesn’t count), number each page, must be in APA format, include all citations; be sure to note any page numbers along with authors’ last name and title of textbook/journal/periodicals (this is very, very important) when mentioning any percentages, statistics, calculations and other numbers in regards to any mathematical references and other non-mathematical references.
Double space it, use 12-inch font Times Roman and exclude all graphics, tables, and charts on this research paper. This research paper must be free of all errors, misspellings, and improper grammar. Remember, this research paper will be reviewed in so its very crucial you note all citations and that even include page numbers.
The PPT will consist of 3 slides (actual total 6 slides but intro, Q&A, & reference slides won’t count but it need to be there) with pictures and graphics to support the text on each slide with citations if applicable to do so. All talking points in the note section. This PPT will be a 10-minute presentation.


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