Conversion of Farm Land into Forest Plantation


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Why is your project the ‘best’ option to solve the problem?


Executive Summary

The purpose of an ‘executive summary’ is to summarise the detail provided in the rest of the document. As a result of this it will probably be the last section that you write.


Project Background

It is helpful to provide some background information about the project. This information should provide some ‘context’ for the project. Some of the areas that could be discussed here include:

• Cultural


• Historical

• Philosophical

• Physical/ spatial

• Political

• Social

• Time


Project Objectives

In this section you provide a list of clearly defined measurable and achievable outcomes that will be achieved by the project. These objectives should be written is SMART format. (These objectives should be written in bullet point format)


Project Justification

In this section you are trying to convince the reader why this project is needed. In this section you need to answer the following question:

• What is the problem that this project is trying to solve?

• What are the alternatives to solving this problem?

• Why is your project the ‘best’ option to solve the problem?

• What ‘may’ happen if they project isn’t undertaken?


Project Scope

The project scope of work is what is required to be delivered. It is important that the project scope is clear and easy to understand. The project scope should also be as detailed as possible leaving the reader in no doubt what is being delivered as part of the project. By defining what is included and what is excluded in the project scope, all the stakeholders are clear about what the project will deliver.

Scope Included

This section clearly identifies what the project will deliver. Documenting specific inclusions provides the ‘boundaries’ for the project

Scope Excluded

List activities specifically excluded – either somebody else is doing them or they are just not included and NOT being delivered. Ensure that all items that are not within the project boundaries, that may otherwise cause confusion by not being explicitly stated, are described here.


Project Deliverables

Define the (tangible) project deliverables. These are the objects that are produced as a result of the project that is intended to be delivered to the customer. The deliverables are the specific work products that you have to produce in order to complete the project.

DeliverableDescription of the deliverable


Project Work Plan (Work Breakdown Structure)

Select 2 deliverables and identify the WBS (to the work package level) that makes up the deliverable. Your WBS may look something like the below diagram



Project Budget

Provide a budget for the project, outlining all (known and assessed) project costs, including explanation of estimation methods used to estimate budget.


Project Budget (Money in and Money out)

Your budget may look like the following diagram



Risk Analysis Checklist

This section identifies risks that are specific to the project.





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