Concept of Equity of Access in Australian Health Care System


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The Task

In this written assignment  you are required to write an essay which you analyze and discuss the following statement

The Australian Health care system is founded on the concept of equity of access. Discuss this statement with relation to the concept of effectiveness and efficiency and any interrelationships that may exist

In putting together your essay, you might like to consider the following:

  • provide all the necessary definitions of terms and concepts
  • how does equity of access relate to effectiveness and efficiency of health care delivery
  • read extensively on the relevant literature before writing your essay


You should use an academic essay  format with subheadings. You must not use more than 6-7 subheadings. Your subheadings could be the following but this is only a guide. Use subheadings that reflect the content of your essay:

1.0: Introduction

2.0: Efficiency

3.0: Effectiveness

4.0: Equity

5.0: Interactions between efficiency, effectiveness and equity

6.0: Conclusion

7.0: References


1.      Incorporates relevant concepts and theories

o   Addresses the subject and the issues raised in the question

o   Demonstrates an appropriate level of understanding of the theoretical principles and concepts

o   Relevant principles and concepts are used with appropriate application to support argument.

2.      Use of resources

o   Evidence of an appropriate level of research regarding the various concepts

o   Evidence of a range of relevant resources are used and integrated into the discussion

o   Appropriate and accurate referencing

3.      Communication

o   Ideas are clearly articulated and coherently structured

o   The paper is presented in an acceptable academic format

o   The paper is structured logically and clearly with an appropriate conclusion.


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