Comparison and Evaluation of Health Care System


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Health Care System in Australia


1. General Course Information

1.1 Course Details

Course Description:

The cornerstone of understanding how to effectively work, manage and lead in health services is to fundamentally understand how healthcare systems are structured and operate. The course will equip students with knowledge on the evolution, rationale, approach and structures found in health systems. The course focuses on the Australian healthcare system but also provides opportunities to examine international systems to provide information, comparison and contrast. The course content is transferable to a range of different healthcare settings and enhances decision-making skills. Healthcare systems are examined in a range of delivery and work settings including public, private, and acute and community health. Numerous activities are drawn from real experiences of managers and are used to integrate theory and practice within the course.


Assumed Background:

Students with only rudimentary understanding or exposure to healthcare systems, or those who have not had any experience with the Australian or Singaporean Health Care System should complete some self-directed pre-reading including the materials provided (on websites and printed materials) by the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing, Ministry of Health – Singapore, OECD and the World Health Organisation.


1.2 Course Introduction

The ability to work, manage and lead in a health service and system is supported and enhanced by fundamentally understanding how healthcare systems operate.   The course initially focuses on learning about the Australian Health Care System and then uses the knowledge of how the Australian system operates to compare this to health care systems in other countries.  Similarly, students learning through the Singapore program focus on the Singapore Health Care system. This course will equip the student with knowledge in the following core areas:

  • Study of the Australian healthcare system in terms of processes and outcomes, social determinants of health and the health of Australians, heath care of disadvantaged groups in Australia and technology, research and innovation in health care.
  • Healthcare financing particularly examining funding, politics, aged and community care and health care systems reform;
  • Measuring risk, quality and safety in the Australian Health Care system;
  • Comparative health systems study.


The course content is transferable to a range of different healthcare settings and enhances decision-making skills. The course explores the role and contributions of government, private and third sectors, services and organisations. The course is designed to provide the student with a breadth and depth of health service delivery fundamentals. The course will enhance skills in effective consultation and influencing healthcare managers and clinicians in all healthcare environments.

Numerous activities drawn from real experiences of managers are used to integrate theory and practice within the course. Exercises enable participants to reflect on and practice skills. Participants are encouraged to choose examples from their own experiences to practice new and developing skills and knowledge at a depth that they find individually challenging.


Assignment 1

The reading log for this assessment item must address:

1.     The correct citation of the reference;

2.     What the main thesis of the reference;

3.     Any predictions or applicability to future states or about what might happen next;

4.     How they felt about what they have read in terms of accuracy, applicability, reliability, validity and generalizability;

5.     Issues in the reading that are agreed with;

6.     Issues in the reading that are disagreed with

7.     Why the material read is useful (or not).


The Task:

1.Students are to pick two articles from two different topics of Module 1 and 2 from the course reference resources and one that is not on the list has been discovered by literature searches etc.


2.Using the above six (6) criteria listed above in the rationale section


Assessment 2

OBOL Scenario and Response – Malaria and Healthcare Systems

The scenario is about malaria and how healthcare systems (at a national level) can respond appropriately; proportionally; and effectively to this health problem.

The purpose of this assessment work is to provide the opportunity to critically examine an applied situation from the learning areas in the course; research and problem solve; and to develop an appropriate response to the scenario situation.

The scenario; some beginning information; and the assignment question and information are found on this ‘wall’ – you can navigate to the ‘wall’ either by:

Clicking here

Assessment criteria:

  • Critical Evaluation and Relevance of Discussion: Knowledge and critique based on important ideas, theoretical concepts and research findings; cohesive and quality analysis and discussion.
  • Organisation, Structure and Written Presentation: Clear, logical and evident structure to the organisation and presentation of the discussion in the paper.; demonstrates acceptable standards of written work
  • Use of Appropriate Literature: Quality of and use of supporting literature and references


Assessment 3

Select any country in the world that is of interest to you and using an essay form of academic writing, address the following questions:

1.How is healthcare funded and delivered in the country you have selected compared to Australia?

2.Identify any areas in the country or affected groups of people within the country, where access to healthcare is less than ideal in terms of health resources being allocated according to the principles of equity, efficiency and effectiveness.

3.Explain why this has occurred.

4.How does this country’s health care system compare with Australia’s health care system?

5.Identify two (2) or three (3) important health problems facing the country. Please supply data to support your choice of problems.

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