Comparing 2 School Districts Students in Terms of Their Socio Economic Status


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Candidates will engage in a field-based, problem-based, mini-research project on the achievement gap. The “achievement gap” typically refers to achievement differences between students of different racial or ethnic backgrounds. In Southern California, the gap applies mainly to achievement differences between Hispanic and white students, especially those students in similar socio-economic classes.

Choose a (or more than two) school (s), class (es), or a school district that you teach (you have access to). Describe and analyse this gap, with attention to how it is manifest in the school(s) you chose. Indicate what you believe are the most likely contemporary causes of this gap, and how it might more effectively be addressed. Designing and implementing (if possible) an action plan for remedying the gap is critically important. Students will submit the final paper (due session 9) of 4000 words with APA style (with 10+ references). The presentation will be in session 9.

An assessment of the success of the project will be conducted in two ways: (1) Summative evaluation- it will be done at the end of the project, assessing how the problem was solved (did the chosen approach solve the problem in an appropriate manner?); and (2) Formative evaluation- the effective use of the problem-based learning protocol. SMART rule is an effective criterion to judge the effectiveness of suggested solutions (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) and the instructor will check for your progress in class

The topic for my achievement GAP project will be comparing 2 school districts students interms of their socio economic status. It is very obvious that students from high economic groups perform better than low socio economic groups (as their parents average income is below national average income). But I have to work on the reverse case which means I have to show that High economic status students achieve low scores as compared to low economic status students who receives high scores. Please find a reliable example and data as he checks the paper very critically. It can be any school grade and any subject. But has to be the same when comparing.


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