Compare and contrast different types of organizational structures in health and social care

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Discuss concepts of leadership as related to health and social care organizations


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Case Study

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is a UK based Charitable organization, Its services relies on volunteers and it has active volunteers in Asia, Africa as well as the UK.  Dr Philip Goodwin, Chief Executive of VSO  is described as optimistic and positive with a mission to make people think differently.  He is also committed to challenge dogma from all sides and is happy to question the views of all stakeholders.  Dr Philip Goodwin’s secret is that he can bring people of very different disciplines and skills together, get them to brainstorm and collaborate and come up with the extraordinary.

 The charity has attracted high-flying educationalist, doctors, nurses, health care workers, businessmen, and scientists, from all over Britain.  ‘It feels like a renaissance organisation’ says one woman who left a senior management job to work there as a director and has been amazed both at what gets done and the way it works.  It’s attracted a critical mass of people, and there is this passionate belief, right through the charity, that it belongs to everyone who works there, that it’s a team thing.  I guess it demonstrates that you can have an organisation that is highly effective both in ethos and values.   ‘This is a stage for change,’ says Dr Goodwin who admits that Many people have made life choices to deliver health and social care in remote parts of the world. It’s a kind of experiment to show you can work in different ways.  Many volunteers have made life choices to come here.  Most could earn five times as much elsewhere.  This goes to show that if you want to make real change, you must not own it. You have to make sure that it’s owned by more than one person.

By contrast, one of the next most important areas of activity for the charity is sadly, entirely new, work related to HIV and AIDS and is counted separately from the broader work in health care which now occupies 7 percent of the volunteers.  While volunteers can be prepared for many aspects of their experience through briefings and training activities prior to leaving the UK, some things just have to be learned the hard way.  Culture shock was recognized as a major risk from the outset – especially since VSO has always maintained that a volunteer goes;

not as a crusader, still as a social revolutionary, and least of all as a    representative or advocate of some British of Western ‘way of life’, but as an assistant, to work within an established framework and for objectives already formulated by the local authority which the volunteer undertakes to serve.’


Learning outcome

1. LO1: Understand the relationship between the eternal environment and health and social care organizations

1.1 Analyse the impact of external environmental factors on health and social care organizations.

1.2 Evaluate the ways in which organisations respond to the impact of external factors, including those of external stakeholders.


2. LO2: Understand the impact of organisational structure and culture on health and social care service delivery

2.1 compare and contrast different types of organizational structures in health and social care.

2.2 analyse the concept of organizational culture in health and social care services.

2.3 analyse theories relating to the behavior of individuals and groups in health and social care.

2.4 explain how the organizational structure and culture of health and care organizations impacts on service delivery.


3.LO3: Understand the role of the leadership in health and social care organizations

3.1 discuss concepts of leadership as related to health and social care organizations

3.2 analyse how leadership can influence the effectiveness of health and social care organizations

3.3 evaluate the specific leadership contributions in health or social care organization.


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