Calculated the mean (x.y),the second central moments(µ20,µ02.µ11)

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Rotation invariant chain codes of the object boundaries


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1.The 8×8 image segment below contains two object region with intensity values of 4 and 7,respectively.Represent the object shapes by the methods of

a.Chain Codes of the object boundaries (assuming 8-connection).

b.Rotation invariant chain codes of the object boundaries.

c.Ψ-s Curves of the object boundaries (sketch)

d.Quad Trees of the object regions

e.Calculated the mean (x.y),the second central moments(µ20,µ02.µ11) and the  eccentricity




for each region. respectively.








2.An object is detected in an image based on some geometric measurement,say m1 and m2.The object may belong to one of two possible types,say type A and type B.We know that if the object belongs to type A, than a probability  that function f(m1,m2)=x is 0.5.If the object belongs to type B, than a probability that function f(m1,m2)=x is 0.6. We also known that there is a 60% chance that the object in the image could belong to type A and 40% chance that the object could belong to type B. Now we found f(m1,m2)=x,that is the probability that the object belong to type A? Belongs to type B?



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