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Name the components of a Computer-Based Information System?


Part A

Howdoyoudo Ltd. is a locally based company operating a business in different countries around the world and mainly produces and markets sports products. Howdoyoudo Ltd implemented an information system (IS) in their organisation a number of years ago and the Transaction system (TPS) of the company is now mostly computer based. However, the Company is regularly facing a number of challenges in running their business, particularly in the different locations which includes cultural challenges, language challenges, and trade agreement challenges. The TPS is facilitated by e-commerce and m-commerce and the data and information gathered from the TPS feeds the Management Information System (MIS). The Company uses a Decision Support System (DSS) to support specific decision making and uses the MIS and Executive Support System (ESS) to provide routine information to management and executive bodies in order to increase operational efficiency.

You are required to show your understanding of the following:


ii. Challenges for running a business globally

iii. e-commerce and m-commerce


Part B

The Supply Chain Management of the company is also e-commerce based which allows the company to achieve some added opportunities. Howdoyoudo Ltd is also fully dependent on e-commerce for marketing, investment and finance. The Web-server and software are used by the company to successfully run the operating system whilst being aware of the possible threat to its e-commerce system. Howdoyoudo Ltd regularly provides tips to its customers for protecting against invasion of consumer privacy as well as following the strategies for running a successful e-commerce.

You will need to show your understanding of the following:

i. Supply chain Management

ii. Opportunities created by the e-commerce Supply Chain Management

iii. Types of Web-server software

iv. Threats of e-commerce systems

v. Tips for protecting against invasion of consumer privacy

vi. strategies for running a successful e-commerce


Part C

Howdoyoudo Ltd also follows the procedures of Transaction Processing Activities (TPS), and is consistent with a traditional TPS. A TPS audit is also carried out at the end of each financial year. As the company produces sports products, it uses an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to balance between the demand and supply in the market. The company follows all the steps of decision-making and problem-solving and takes into consideration all the advantages and disadvantages of the ERP system for running the TPS smoothly. The MIS of the company receives inputs from internal and external sources and regularly produces a variety of outputs in order to help management to better plan and enhance decision making.

You will need to be able to show your understanding of the following:

i. Traditional TPS

ii. Transaction processing activities

iii. TPS audits

iv. ERP’s

v. The steps of decision-making and problem-solving

vi. The Inputs and Outputs of MIS


Part D

The senior management of Howdoyoudo Ltd is planning to take advantage of a new Computer-Based Information System. They plan to develop the best possible system by ensuring the participation of its stakeholders, users, managers, system development specialists and other support personnel. They have set up the objectives of the new system development, including the performance objectives and cost objectives. The company is considering the use of Business Intelligence (BI), Knowledge Management (KM) and other specialised systems such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Expert systems for the development of the new system. Throughout the development of the new system the company also expects to enhance the productivity and efficiency of its production and marketing so as to increase its profit and to also improve customer satisfaction.

You need to be able to answer the following questions 

i. Describe how an organisation uses BI and KM to have a positive impact on their business strategies, tactics, operation’s and to also produce the biggest “pay-off”?

ii. Describe where and how Howdoyoudo Ltd can use robotics and expert systems in their business?

iii. Describe how Howdoyoudo Ltd can develop its CBIS by following the steps of traditional system development?

iv. Name some different types of operating systems software that you would recommend to Howdoyoudo Ltd to use for the new system development and why?

v. How would Howdoyoudo Ltd handle software issues and the trend for developing and using new software?

vi. Name the components of a Computer-Based Information System?

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