Business Plan for Shades Restaurant


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1.You are to make a formal presentation to a Development Board, to persuade them to give you $50,000 to develop your idea further and to meet your expenses while you complete a Business Development Plan.


2.Individuals are encouraged to be creative in their approach. Use whatever props you feel are appropriate. Sample products are often a good idea.


3.A data show is available. If you use PowerPoint, remember to include visuals/graphics.


4.It would be to your advantage to set the room up before the presentation, in a way that is advantageous to you.


5.Dress appropriately; you are asking for money, this is a formal occasion.


6.Check the marking criteria and ensure that your presentation meets these.


7.The presentation will be 15-20 minutes long. A warning will be given at 16 minutes and you will be stopped at 20 minutes. A further 5 – 10 minutes is spent on questions.


8.You may be questioned on a component of the business that you have not presented on.


9.Specifically, in the presentation, you are required to:

  •  Give a clear explanation of your product/service
  • State the competitive advantage i.e. describe what is unique or special about the idea and why the idea will be successful
  • Identify the target market and hypothesise on market need using secondary research and why the time is right for your idea now
  • Give ‘ballpark’ financial requirements for the idea i.e. capital estimates, product/service cost components, selling prices etc.
  • Identify any major legal hurdles/areas of investigation
  • Show the grant requirements and how the money will be spent.
  • Answer questions from the Dragons.

Business plan layout:

A brief summary of the market

  • Overview of the industry
  • Business plan

About the owner

The customer

The issues and the ‘Pain’

The business idea

The Market

a. Demographic

b. Competition

c. Price

d. Promotion

e. Product

f. Place

  • Financial forecast
  • Hierarchical decomposition process (If necessary)
  • Summary of research findings
  • Goals and Action plan



Business Idea

Idea feasible and practical Market identified

Competitors identified

Competitive advantage identified


Idea within capabilities

Evidence presented about resources, experience, qualifications


Amount requested

Realistic estimate

Anticipated costs comprehensive and complete (research. travel, time, printing, prototype etc)

Appropriate to group size



Evidence of research and investigation

Market signals and justification


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