Briefly,Explain Hall’s Recapitulation Theory of Play and Discuss It


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Discuss how to play relates to learning.


The below 5 questions needs to be answered. 
1)Carr tried to define play in terms of its functions. Apply Carr’s five “special utilities of play” to a kitten playing with a ball.

2)Define Locomotor-rotational play, object play, and social play and provide an example of each for a species of your choice.

3)Discuss how to play relates to learning. Be specific.

4)Briefly, explain Hall’s recapitulation theory of play and discuss how it differs from theories that see play as a way to learn adult skills.

5)It is well documented that intense play can easily transform into a truly aggressive interaction. For example, dogs that play in a state of high arousal and involving a lot of physical contacts can transition into a serious fight. What is a possible explanation for this occurrence?


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