Brief description of your house/flat/room. Square meters, location, how many people live there, age of the property

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What were the main obstacles or problems of the Communications Campaign


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1.1 Brief description of your house/flat/room. Square meters, location, how many people live there, age of the property.

1.2 Carbon footprint (Initial reading).

1.3 Habits in energy use, water use, travel, food, waste, etc. Use the pictures to illustrate your habits in regards to those issues.

1.4 Eco-mapping. Use the eco-mapping to identify environmental problems. Add tables if you think are relevant. For example, table with information about appliances, gadgets and other information you think relevant, with the appropriate energy use (in KWhs). Or another table about your food habits and consumptions. In these tables try to use numbers and figures related to Carbon footprint.

1.5 Analysis of the diagnosis. In this paragraph you will explain what are the most salient environmental aspects and impacts in your household. Also you can add some references about national data, or how your carbon footprint compares with similar households or individual footprints.



2.1 Policy or Mission. Write in a sentence or a brief paragraph, what is your purpose, why you are doing this, what is the importance.

2.2 Objectives, Actions and Indicators.

Use the diagnosis to choose your objectives, justify your options.


Use verbs and percentages so you can be realistic.


Include the main actions or activities you can do to achieve your objectives.


How will you know that you are fulfilling your objective.

1. to reduce energy consumption in 25%1.    Electricity bill

2.    Log progress

2. To manage waste and improve recycling in 50%
3.  To reduce car use and travelling footprint in 10%
4. To monitor my well-being and reduce stress (Compulsory)



3.1 Overall reduction of Carbon Footprint: Final Footprint – Initial Footprint %

3.2 Objective Progress





1. to reduce energy consumption in 25%Reduction of 30% on energy consumption.Pictures (Before/After)

Electricity Bill

Home audit Log (Graphs, data can be in the appendix)




2. To manage waste and improve recycling in 50%100% plastic  material is recycled.

25% reduction of plastic consumption.

3.  To reduce car use and travelling footprint in 10%



4.1 Who are the audience.  A brief description of the people targeted in your communication campaign. Age, habits, values, cultural differences, etc. Internal customers (flatmates). External stakeholders (group, landlord, university accommodation office, other students living in university accommodation).


4.2 Communication campaign. What exactly did you use for your CC: posters? Stickers? Video? Comedy? Dinner? Facebook campaign? Slogan? Logo? Add what you did in the report.


4.3 Strategy: How did you decide on your communication campaign. For example, how the age/gender/culture of the audience was considered. Here you can use some references from the lecture, or some of your literature on marketing, leadership, organizational behavior, change, etc.


4.4 Evaluation: How did it go? How people reacted to the communication campaign (number of likes in facebook, other figures of engagement?). What were the main obstacles or problems of the Communication Campaign.



This section is based on your results, relevant literature and your personal journal and analysis.

5.1 Analysis of the Barriers and potentials of implementing the EMS in your household.  Use the results as the basis for this analysis and use some literature (references) you think can support your points. For instance you can use literature on behavioral change; organizational learning; leadership; etc.


5.2. Professional skills you gained in this module (Check the module guide to find some of the professional skills that are intended to be improved in this module. You can include skills gained in the implementation of the EMS but also in your participation in the activities of the module.)


5.3.-Personal Well-being: Use the results presented before to analyse your well being during the semester. Main problems. Main strategies to cope with stress. Limitations and potential of considering well being. Use appropriate references to support your ideas.


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