Atkins diet therapy for Obesity


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Human Biology and Disease


BI0106 Human Biology and Disease

Assignment 1: Nutrition and Diet.

Purpose The United States is facing a large-scale epidemic with adult and childhood obesity. An epidemic that theoretically can be cured, but most likely won’t be. The obesity epidemic will continue mainly because of increase in the rising health care costs, increase in price for fresh fruits and other “healthy” foods, and an increase in fast food accessibility.

However, there are no shortages of doctors, dietitians and health gurus publishing information on how everyone should get healthy. There are thousands of diets available in an attempt to persuade the public how to lose weight and keep it off. Losing weight can help people solve health related problems like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, and various types of cancers.

Instruction part one: For this extra credit assignment you are going to evaluate a diet of your choosing. Make sure that you address such questions as who came up with the diet, how does it work, what group of people does it target (middle-age, those genetically predisposed with obesity, heart disease, cancer, or those within a certain culture), what does the research say about its success rate, what are the complications associated with this type of diet, etc. Some of the more popular diets will have this type of information readily available, while new or extreme diets may be harder to evaluate. You won’t get extra points if you choose an extreme diet, but you might not fall asleep at your desk writing about it either. Finally at the end of the paper you will give a two to three sentences overview of your educated opinion of why this diet would work or why it won’t.


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