Anorexic Dis(Connection): Managing Anorexia as an Illness and an Identity


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Describe and critically assess the methods of data collection


Task Description: 


This assessment will involve critiquing a piece of published research. Students have a choice between two published articles, one using a qualitative design and the other a quantitative design. The assessment requires students to critique the various aspects of the research article they have chosen using the criteria for critiquing that are provided in the web modules. In particular, students are required to critique the (i) research questions and hypotheses, (ii) literature review, (iii) research design, (iv) sampling, and (v) data collection method used.


This assessment will provide students with the skills that are necessary to use research within their professional careers. The work of health and human service professionals utilises what is known as evidence-based practice which requires individuals to adopt clinical practices that have support or evidence based in research. This approach is essential for the delivery of high-quality services to clients that have been demonstrated as effective practices. To be able to do this, human service professionals must be able to identify the different types of evidence and the strengths and weaknesses of this evidence. For most people, this evidence will be presented in the context of published research findings. Subsequently, as a professional, the student’s ability to critically analyse published research is essential.

Research development

Describe and critically assess the research problems, research questions and hypotheses (if appropriate) including the identification of variables


Literature review

Identify and critically assess the literature reviewed including the use of primary and secondary sources


Research design

State the research design used and critically assess its appropriateness



Identify and critically assess the sampling method including the size of the sample and any inclusion or exclusion criteria


Data collection

Describe and critically assess the methods of data collection


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