Analytical Report of Apple Computers Company


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What is your prediction for Apple Computer’s future operations



Apple Computer, Inc. (1997): The Second Time Around”. A copy of the case will be provided to each one of you in the class, so you don’t have to search for it. Base your report on information contained in the case study, supplemented by your own research from other related sources.

Write an analytical report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple Computer keeping in mind the following components :

1.Executive summary


2.As part of the environmental scanning, identify factors and create tables to perform the following analyses for the Apple Computer?

a)SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

b)IFAS (Internal Factor Analysis Summary)

c)EFAS (External Factor Analysis Summary)

d)SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Summary)


3.a) What effect does the constant turnover of top management have upon (i) Apple’s strategic planning process, (ii) on the company’s employees, and (iii) on the company’s culture?

b) What impact did Apple’s management decision in the early 1980s, to keep its software proprietary, have on the present situation?

c)What role do strategic alliances play in making Apple Computer a viable player in the PC market?


4.Discuss the Apple’s performance (in terms of relevant KPIs such as net sales, net income, and market share) in fiscal year 1997? Use the various data provided in the case and create relevant financial ratios, charts etc. to support your answers.


5.Discuss the various strategic alternatives (in terms of growth, stability, and retrenchment) available to Apple Computer, and recommend the best strategy that you would like Apple Computer to implement.


6.What is your prediction for Apple Computer’s future operations – be specific!!!


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