Analytical Evaluation of a Tourism Plan


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Scope of key UK and worldwide tourist destinations

Understand the cultural and social tourist destinations

The ability to summerise large documents is an important skill,as is the ability to provide a critique of any given literature.Students are expected to choose a tourism strategic plan for a region/city/country of their choice and provide an analytical evaluation of this tourism strategies plan.You may not choose the NZ strategic plan but can compare your choice of plan with the NZ strategic plan.



Background of topic explained identification of relevant issue Objectives of essay demonstrated.


Critical Analysis/Summary:

Comprehension of material Coherence of argument Quality of Information  used



Summary of key points Relevant opinions expressed


Some useful quotes for assessing Tourism Strategics Plan:

Planning requires careful cooperation and coordination from both the public and private sectors together with engagement of the local community


The development of a structure tourism plan recognises the long- term economics(and  often socio culture)benefits to be gained from tourism while at the same time addressing the potential that tourism development has to degrade both human and natural resources


Objectives and goal examples

To distribute the economics benefits of tourism ,both direct and indirect,as widely and to as many of the host community as feasible

To maximise foreign exchange earnings to ensure a sound balance of payments.

To increase employment opportunities

To attract high spending upmarket tourists


Survey of existing data

Implementation of existing surveys

Analysis of secondary and primary data


Writing a summary/critique of tourism strategic plans

Writing a succinct of summary of a large document is an art you will all need in the future.There is a subtle distinction between re-writing an abstract and actually finding out what the key things/issue are.


The spilt between summary and critique should be about 30% summary and 70% critique.

A strategic plan–at is very basic level should ask three things

1.Where is the region/destination now?

2.Where do they want to be in the future?

3.How are they going to get there?


Some question you can ask about your chosen plan?

1.Who wrote it and why?

2.Methodology:Was it appropriate?

  • Where did they get their data from-is it accurate and appropriate?
  • Who did they consult with- all stakeholders?

3.Are objectives/goals S.M.A.R.T? (Specific,Measurable,Accurate,Realistic and Timebound)

4.Hoe does it fit with other(tourism and non-tourism) strategies?

5.Implementation:How much is it going to cost,who is going to implement it?

6.Does it have a review process?

7.What is missing ?(Compare it with other strategies in order to do this)

8.Has it achieved what it set how to do?

9.Basically,is it any good?Provide a justification for why it is good or not.

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