Analysis of the movie land of the dead


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The Best or Worst Film Ever


The Best or Worst Film Ever

1302 Zombie Film Essay:  Argument based on a developed Criteria

First you must choose a general class of item (like a film, a loaf of bread, a tube of toothpaste).

You have already developed a criterion in your in life—any time you have purchased something, whether it is a loaf of bread or going to a movie, you have developed a criteria for what is a good X  (where X is an item you will evaluate according to your criteria for what makes the very best X there is).


For a loaf of bread, it might be that it is light wheat ( who wants that real whole wheat stuff?), it is slightly nutty tasting, and it is soft.  So the choice might be Nature’s Own Honey Wheat, because it has all of those attributes.


Or, perhaps you want to develop the criteria for the perfect date night film.  My husband, a few years back, went to the Blockbuster near us to get a date night film.  He brought back, to my surprise, Lethal Weapon.  I asked what his criteria was, to which he responded:  It has action, so no one falls asleep, it has humor, and it has Mel Gibson (and the Ladies, he assured me, like Mel Gibson—well, at least they did back then, before his meltdown).

So a thesis for a paper based on this would be:

A great date night movie should have action, humor, and, of course, Mel Gibson.  Lethal Weapon is a great date night film because it has all of these elements.

The Outline would look like this:

I. Introduction

A.  Attention Getter

B. Background/Context

C. Thesis, which identifies the General Class (a kind of film), A Specific Item within the class (like Lethal Weapon), and the Criteria by which you will judge the film.

D. Main Point One

E.  Topic sentence:  The first reason I believe that Lethal Weapon is a great date film is that it has plenty of action to keep the audience interested.

F. Definition of Criteria 1:  I believe any date night film should have action, and by action I mean there should be explosions, shoot outs and car chases.

G. Examples from the film to prove the film meets or fails to meet the criteria.

H.  Main Point 2—Criteria # 2

I.  Topic Sentence:

J. Definition of Criteria # 2

K. Examples from the film to prove the film meets or fails to meet the criteria.

L.  Main Point 3 –Criteria # 3

M. Topic Sentence:

N. Definition of Criteria # 3

O. Examples from the film to prove the film meets or fails to meet the criteria.

P. Conclusion

Q.  Transition from Specific discussion to more general discussion

R. Re-statement of main points or other conclusion strategy (I will send this out)

S. Graceful closing statement.

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