Analyse Why the Financial Services Company is Keeping a Number of Jobs Onshore


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Strategic Management

Case study

You are a strategic analyst for a large consulting firm and specialise in the analysis of financial services companies. You have been asked by your manager to write a report analysing the underlying strategy of an Australian financial services company that has resulted in moving some of their activities offshore and in so doing losing a number of local jobs.

Note: You are able to choose any Australian financial institution.

You are required to perform specific analysis on this financial services company, which explains from a strategic perspective, why it has decided to move some of its activities and jobs offshore while those jobs still have a domestic operational role.

Your report should be written in three (3) parts — Part A, Part B and Part C. Each part in your report should be clearly marked with the appropriate heading.

In your analysis you are required to:

• Report on why a specific Australian financial services company employed a strategy that has lead to moving some of their staffing functions offshore.

• Evaluate the issues around this action, including risk and cost savings. Evaluate any other issues that you see are relevant to its success or otherwise.

Assessment criteria

You will be assessed on the following criteria:

• a demonstrated understanding of the relevant theories outlined in the Strategic Management (FIN234) material, and how they relate to the various practical issues

• an ability to use the various tools and techniques discussed in the Strategic Management (FIN234) material

• a clear identification of the strategic issues faced by financial services companies in Australia

• an ability to form conclusions and recommendations from your analysis of the company’s strategy, based on the various issues you have identified

• a clear, succinctly written analysis within the limits prescribed

• an ability to undertake further reading and research so as to fully answer the questions.


Part A Strategy analysis

Note: Address all the following issues in this part of the report.

• Evaluate the external issues that are affecting the financial services company and driving it to employ a strategy that has resulted in moving jobs offshore.

• Analyse the internal issues that are making the financial services company consider moving jobs offshore as part of its strategy.

• Discuss how this action will affect the various stakeholders of the organisation.

• Analyse the strategic advantages and disadvantages of moving jobs offshore even though their activities are based on Australian operations.

• Analyse why the financial services company is keeping a number of jobs onshore.

• Analyse whether there are particular types of jobs that are suitable to be moved offshore.

• Discuss whether it has a choice not to move the jobs offshore. What are the strategic implications?


Part B Success of the strategic action

Note: Address all the following issues in this part of the report.

• Analyse the processes and resources the financial services company will need to improve or develop to make this action a success. Discuss how this can be done using current examples of financial institutions that have moved some of their staffing functions offshore. Use some of the tools learned during this course along with personal research to support your key points.

• Evaluate the key risks associated with an action that entails moving jobs offshore.

• Discuss what financial issues might arise (positive and negative) that could affect whether moving jobs offshore is ultimately successful.


Part C Decision making and measuring success

Note: Address all the following issues in this part of the report.

• Explain the decision-making process the financial services company might have used to develop this action.

• Evaluate the ways you can measure the success of this action. In your evaluation address the advantages and disadvantages of using each performance measurement methodology.

Develop your own opinion of the best approach and explain why.

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