Analyse the case: Chris Lamers at Loyalty New Zealand


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This assessment piece requires you to work individually to research and then present your solution to the problem in a formal written document that is well structured and appropriately referenced.

In the text, at the start of each of the Solomon et al. chapter, is a ‘Decision Maker’s’ case. For this assessment, you will critique the case of Chris Lamers, a decision maker at Loyalty New Zealand and the real-life solution given at the end of Chapter 4. Your task is to identify one of the options that was not selected as the solution and show how this option could have been argued more strongly and implemented, or alternatively, detail an option that was not considered. In the world of marketing many options are possible, and just because an option was selected (and it worked, and thus, was included in the text), does not necessarily mean that it was the ideal course of action – others may have been better, but we will never know! This is an opportunity to apply your unique insights and to be flexible in your marketing thinking.

Having chosen a case to critique, you will prepare a detailed argument for selecting one of the non- chosen options. of course you have the benefit of hindsight! You can refer to changes in the business environment which weaken the correctness of the original decision or bring in other issues which strengthen the argument for one of the non-selected options. You may also suggest a completely different and additional course of action

This written assessment task will help you attain the following subject learning outcomes:

  • Critically evaluate and apply marketing principles and theories to selected “real life” organisations and case studies
  • Appraise marketing from a holistic perspective within the organisation


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