Analyse how the general employment environment affects workforce recruitment and selection

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Evaluate a range of training techniques which are employed within an engineering organization


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Learning outcome(LO)

LO1:Understand the processes and procedures involved in people management

1.1 Explain how workforce planning is used to assess staffing requirements

1.2 Analyse how the general employment environment affects effective workforce recruitment and selection

1.3 Outline the processes and procedures carried out when recruiting and selecting personnel for a given engineering post


LO2: Understand working relationships within an engineering context

2.1 Explain different working relationships within an engineering organization

2.2 Examine lines of authority within an engineering organization

2.3 Discuss roles and responsibilities of employees within an engineering organization

2.4 Review the relevance of objectives of working relationships within an engineering context

2.6 Explain how sub-contractors can be managed


LO3: Understand methods of managing and developing human resources

3.1 Explain the importance of employee motivation and involvement

3.2 Evaluate a range of training techniques which are employed within an engineering organization

3.3 Explain the role of rewards systems, appraisal and development schemes within an engineering organization

3.4 Explain the benefits of training and development to the organization and the individual


LO4: Understand industrial relations and legislation within an employment relationship

4.1 Describe contractual regulations of employment

4.2 Justify the use of employment practices in an engineering organization

4.3 Explain the constraints imposed by legislation on termination of employment

4.4 Examine and report on the main features of current employment legislation.


Grade Descriptor


Indicative characteristic/s





Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions.


Effective judgements have been made.

An effective approach to study and research has been applied.

Showing advanced levels of understanding in relation to workplace planning, recruitment & selection, working relations, appraisal, reward systems and current employment legislation


Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques.

Data & Information has been synthesised and processed.

Appropriate learning methods/techniques have been applied.

Showing high levels of association of models and processes along with legal implications


Present and communicate appropriate findings.

The appropriate structure and approach has been used.

The communication is appropriate for unfamiliar audiences and appropriate media have been used.

Ensuring your report is written in a professional and clearly laid out manner that would be appropriate to give as a guidance document to the management at GLR Electronics


Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions.

Conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and have been justified.

The validity of results has been evaluated using defined criteria.


Making clear judgements based upon your learning in this module and to demonstrate valid and improved development for use going forward for your career.


Take responsibility for managing and organising activities.

Autonomy/independence has been demonstrated

Activities have been managed


Clear independent thinking process have been demonstrated and task has been completed in a timely manner


Demonstrate convergent, lateral and creative thinking.

Ideas have been generated and decisions taken

Self-evaluation has taken place

Problems have been solved

Effective thinking has taken place in unfamiliar contexts.

You will evaluate your report in terms of further reading and evaluation of such material.



Purpose of this assignment

The aim of this unit is to develop the learners’ understanding of the methods, processes and procedures used when managing people in engineering.


It provides an opportunity to examine the various practices, procedures and constraints that influence the management of people within the work environment.


Learners will consider and explain the processes and procedures, including human resource planning, recruitment, selection and the use of contractors.


They will also investigate a range of working relationships, responsibilities and will examine industrial relations and legislation.



GLR Electronics is an organization, which manufactures specialist materials for industry.


You have been employed as a Manager within the organization to ensure that the business is fully equipped with the correct processes and procedures to function in the most effective and efficient manner.


Having the right quality personnel in the most appropriate roles is a key fundamental or success and you must demonstrate how you will address this and motivate the organizations human resource to maximise their strengths whilst giving consideration to current employment legislation.


The GLR board have great expectations of you and wish to receive a professional methodology for their review and understanding.


Task 1

Aligned to LO1 1.1

You are the new manager for GLR Electronics an organization, which manufactures specialist materials for the electronics industry.


You need to identify, using a variety of methodologies how you assess your organizations staffing requirements for the next 12 month period of your organizations development.


Identify a range of tools and processes you would use.


Task 2

Aligned to LO1 – 1.2/1.3

A.As the Human Resource Director of GLR Electronics, you have been concerned that your organization is in danger of having a skills gap in electrical engineers, which has been encountered as a result of the recession in the UK 2008-2014.

A number of Eastern Europeans have entered the workplace that allegedly has the qualifications and skills you require and could be a short-term solution to the problem you have.

a.Why would this be a potential solution?

b.Identify the benefits and risks of such a strategy?

c.What alternatives could you suggest to your organization that might have a more, longer-term benefit?


B.You are required to outline the processes and procedures you are required to utilize for your new recruitment and selection activities at GLR Electronics

a.Demonstrate what key areas you would deal with in terms of the process and include a process map?

b.Identify the key academic requirements of an individual joining GLR in a specific role in electrical engineering and outline why this is important?

c.Demonstrate an effective selection approach to allow candidates to demonstrate their strengths, which may align to GLR’s needs?


Task 3

Aligned to LO2 – 2.1 / 2.2

GLR Electronics has been developing plans to enhance working relationships across all levels within the organization.

There has been a feeling that as a business they have not been maximizing efficiency due to a range of:

  • Poor communication techniques,
  • Lack of team-working and
  • Lack of clear instructions.

This has also led to staff feeling isolated, unsure of their roles and has resulted in the staff turnover levels rising from 12% to over 20% in the past year.

1.You are a new manager within the firm and you have been tasked to make improvements and to correct the turnover of staff to the target set by the business of 8% for the new business year.


2.You need to also identify a range of change activities and specific improvements that you would make to ensure the firm corrects the mistakes of the past and enhances the working relationships for all.

Feedback from a recent staff survey has identified that over 50% of the workforce did not know what the lines of authority within the business are and 30% of workers did not know the roles of authority within their own department.


3.The MD/CEO has tasked you in producing an organizational chart for the firm and at the same time identifying a clear communication strategy so that all employees know their roles and responsibilities.

4.Please ensure you identify how this organizational chart can be an aide to good working relationships.


Task 4

Aligned to LO2 – 2.3 / 2.4 / 2.5

A.GLR Electronics have a need to produce a hierarchy of roles for the business, to meet their business objectives for 2015, which requires

  • A 20% growth on the previous years sales of £1m and
  • Profits of £175k, and
  • To expand into European markets.

As one of the key management and involved in planning the business activities, you need to identify a range of key roles for the electronics business, that enables it to be effective and efficient in its production and also in managing its finance, people and in the delivery of its sales/marketing of products and services.


Whilst mapping out these roles you must also provide your understanding of the key responsibilities you determine to be essential for the roles to meet the organization’s business goals.


B.You need to describe why having a set of objectives for these key roles will enable the business and its people to progress. Demonstrate what is meant by SMART objectives and identify what KPI’s are with examples for GLR Electronics in one of the roles you have identified.


C.To assist your business growth at GLR Electronics you have decided to employ a number of sub-contractors – you must consider how you intend to manage these workers using a range of tools and methods, to ensure they are committed to meetings GLR’s objectives.


Task 5

Aligned to LO3 – 3.1/3.2

As well as employing a number of sub-contractors recently G.L.R. Electronics has decided to embark on the development of some new innovative design developments, and are wishing to see the current staff in their engineering team improve their output and create a livelier and happier work environment.

1.Using a range of theories you need to identify how G.L.R. Electronics can stimulate and motivate their workforce to enhance job satisfaction and the stimulation of ideas.

2.G.L.R. are keen to learn from other worldwide electronics and engineering companies in how to engage with their employees in such a manner to enhance the concept of “training to grow”, and to use a range of new techniques to improve and gain greater success.

3.You have been engaged to research the marketplace and evaluate by means of an advantages assessment for using the new techniques you have identified.

Assess how G.L.R. can benefit from your findings. What might be their key return of investment driver?


Task 6

Aligned to L03 – 3.3/3.4

GLR Electronics have recognised the need to review their appraisal and rewards system as part of the overall staff development programme.


They have asked you to research ideas that perhaps should be incorporated into the new system.


You have been asked to submit a briefing report of to identify key areas that should be included in the new GLR system and to demonstrate why this should be the case.


Part of this system will be incorporating a new training and development plan for the organization.


What key benefits will employees of GLR gain by this having such a plan, and what would be the benefits to an employer too.


Task 7

Aligned to LO4 – 4.1,4.2,4.3,4.4

You have been assigned a project to deliver an update to the G.L.R. Electronics senior management team why contractual regulations of employment are key to the effective operational activities of the business.


You are required to make a “presentation” based upon your findings of the research project; ensuring that the management team; understand the key elements of their employee’s contracts of employment, and why these regulations are important. (4.1)


The presentation also needs to relate to the group the importance of how their employee’s daily working practices can have an impact on the company and how the employees MUST follow the key Health & Safety Regulations and other safety elements – part of your presentation must demonstrate the key working practices and how mitigation to risk must be followed – explain the importance. (Use ref 4.2) as additional background material.


Dismissing staff is not as straightforward as perhaps some of the management team may believe, and so you need to deliver an understanding of the process of termination in terms of knowing what rights employees have and how the management team must adhere to them. (Use ref.4.3)


Finally the presentation must end with a summary report to be typed up as a report which summarises the key features of employment legislation in the UK and why in particular the Equality Act 2010 is so important when recruiting new employees and in terms of managing staff too.


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