An HRM Essay on Performance Management


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Specification of Performance management & Appraisal



You are required to apply the conceptual and theoretical frameworks presented in the unit to a current topic of debate in the HRM field.

You are writing an essay. The essay should be structured as follows:

Introduction raising key points and foreshadowing the approach to an answer(attention getter, and a thesis statement)

A body of logically sequenced points of argument, with supporting evidence (examples, statistics or testimony)

A conclusion derived logically from evidence and argument


Once you determine if a debate exists, you need to do the following:

1. Summarize both sides of the debate

2. Evaluate the arguments based on the theories and concepts covered in your textbook

3. Make recommendations to current HR managers for how to manage the issue

4. Forecast or predict which side of the debate may prevail and why


Choose one subject from the list of possible HRM topics and then conduct additional research. In your research, you are seeking to find whether a debate (two-sided argument) exists on the topic. Choose ONLY a subject where there are at least two perspectives on the topic.

  • Social Trends
  • Flexibility and Change
  • Competing for People
  • Managing Expectations
  • Engaging People (motivation etc)
  • Managing Knowledge and Learning
  • Managing an International Workforce
  • Managing Ethically
  • The Knowledge Organization
  • Difficult Employees Can Cause Industrial Relations Issues
  • Steady supply of talents and management
  • Effective leadership development
  • Globalised business environment requiring diversity management skills
  • Good governance in order to build integrity and trust among managers and employees
  • Effective demographic management
  • Job stress
  • Employee burnout
  • Safety
  • Diversity and discrimination
  • Sexual harassment and violence
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • Multi-Generational Challenges in Workplace
  • Technological Advances And Workplace
  • Virtual workforce
  • Offshoring
  • Green skills
  • Performance management

  • Downsizing
  • Upskilling
  • Skills shortage
  • Job sharing
  • Telecommuting
  • Managing innovations
  • Corporate social responsibility

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