An Analysis of Skills and Knowledge Required for Undertaking Degree Studies in Business Management


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Skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field

Developing skills and knowledge in this area


An analysis of skills and knowledge required to undertake degree studies in a particular subject, and to follow a future career path in this area, after graduation. Presentation: Yes Any special requirements: All work should be submitted on the Student Portal along with an acceptable Turnitin Report. Word Limit: 1000 word limit Deadline date for submission: Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment Plan a series of actions and follow these through; a) Construct reflective logs on chosen subjects to highlight the skills acquired and emphasise how improvement in performance is being achieved. b) Exhibit motivation and confidence in engaging in personal and career development and planning. c) Demonstrate progressive learning through a series of agreed milestones. Percentage of marks awarded for module: This assignment is worth 20% of the total marks for the module


Assignment Task Your task is to write a 1000 word essay on the skills and knowledge required of students in their specialist degree studies1 and their future career options. You will therefore need to do some research on the degree course, and on career options for graduates of this course.


(1) Title – ‘An analysis of skills and Knowledge required to undertake degree studies in ___________ and follow a future career path in __________________’


(2) Introduction – Describe the course of study and intended future career path in the third person e.g. Students of Oil and Gas Management generally progress into careers in industry. As such they need a range of skills in working with people …..


(3) Definition of the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field – Here, you need to do research on the career options available to students in the subject and find out what particular skills are required to follow a particular career path e.g. In order to become a Human Resource Manager, there is a need to have strong communication skills.


(4) Ways of developing skills and knowledge in this area – You need to focus on ways of developing skills in particular areas e.g. There are different ways of developing communication skills, such as regular practice of presentations, public speaking, and listening to other presenters to get a sense of how they communicate.


 (5) Conclusion – overall summary of what has been written in the essay. You should also include some reference to how a task such as this can help students in their future career path.

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