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  1. Puppy as a pet

Having a pet is a great way to reduce stress. A puppy, for example, could be close by contrary to what someone may think. Dogs are therapeutic for students under stress who need to be rescued.

  1. Don’t be too worried about getting it all done

There is a good chance that there might be very little time getting caught up on all the chapters in the textbook and the homework. Good time management when the time is seemingly short is to concentrate on the notes from the lecture and the assignments.


  1. Sleep wisely

A student would typically cram during the few hours before the exam. Anytime prior to bedtime is the best time to study. The reason is that when a person has slept well, the brain gets an opportunity to assimilate what a student is taught in college. The brain needs to be agile during an exam. If for example the exam is scheduled to be held early in the morning in a weeks’ time, but the student normally gets up at noon. In that case, the student should practice getting up earlier than usual until the day of the exam. It would be easier for the student to be on time for the exam if the practice of getting up early is maintained.

  1. Your enemy if there ever was one is caffeine

Caffeine only helps to remain focused for a short time span and moreover is the cause of anxiety. Being anxious is a state of mind. It isn’t desirable for a student to be in that state of mind. Students would be sleep-starved due to caffeine affecting their performance in the morning at the exams. Caffeine consumed in the afternoon could keep someone awake beyond midnight. It depends on the body mass.

  1. Find a suitable study area

A bed, TV, fridge, and friends are all distractions, and one would be procrastinating seeking homework help. It’s far better to wake up early and go to the library where it would be quiet for the student seeking assignment help. To be surrounded by other people who are stressed out would be difficult for one to concentrate. Drinking plenty of water and a few nutritious snacks are recommended when you want to cope with exam time stress. A student does not have to worry about a chosen study area while being occupied while on break.


  1. Pour your heart out

If stress levels are high, best online assignment help is available to put things into perspective. There is a good chance that stress levels of roommates are quite high. If the stress levels are overwhelming and it’s hard to concentrate, there is no appetite whatsoever or getting out of bed is difficult then live assignment help for assignment is available.

  1. Workout

It is a well-known fact that stress can be reduced through routine exercise. Exercise, like running and swimming in particular, would leave a person feeling zesty, calm, refreshed and energetic for hours.

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