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Are you looking for the Scarlet Letter SparkNotes? What exactly does this mean? This is a novel written during the year 1850. Nathaniel Hawthorne, the novelist, contributed to the classics of the American Romantic Era. The readers get fascinated by the novel as it combines sin, occult, criticism, etc. As a result, you will find dark romanticism in the scarlet note summary.

Scarlet Letter Summary

The novel starts with a village in a Puritan community. Here, the main character is Hester Prynne. The novelist portrays her as a widow with an affair with a young chap, Arthur Dimmesdale. With this, she gave birth to a child without getting married. As a result, the child was called illegitimate. Thus, she was asked to wear the scarlet ‘ A’ on her dress. It was indeed her punishment for the act of adultery.

Entry Of Roger Chillingworth

Roger Chillingworth

Hester’s belief of her being a widow ended when Roger Chillingworth arrived. He was alive all through these years but decided to hide his identity. He found his wife wearing the scarlet ‘ A’ and asked her the child’s name. But Hester refuses to utter the name. As a result, Chillingworth became desperate and decided to find the name himself.

Torment Arthur


Hester’s husband found out about his wife’s relationship with Arthur Dimmesdale. Chillingworth started torturing Arthur. Also, Dimmesdale became increasingly ill out of guilt.

Hester’s Feelings

Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote Hester as one of the central characters who appear self-reliant and bold. As a result, she has no anguish or repentance about her relationship with Arthur. She was portrayed as a self-reliant heroine. She felt it as an act of love. Despite all the insults from society, Hester evolved as a protofeminist motherly figure.

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End Of This Story

The end of the novel portrays Dimmesdale breaking out of insult. He confesses his adultery act and dies in Hester’s arms. After that, she leaves Puritan society with her 7 years old daughter, Pearl, to Europe. Years later, Hester returns to New England; she continues wearing “The scarlet A.” After some years, Hester died and was buried in the rose bush next to Dimmesdale. Also, explore an exciting blog on who invented homework


Who Is Nathaniel Hawthorne?

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne is an American novelist who penned several novels and short stories about morality, history, and religion. He published his first novel in the year 1828 named ‘ Fanshawe.’ Later he published a variety of short stories at several intervals. In 1837, the collection of those short stories was presented in a book called ‘ Twice Told Tales’. In the year 1850, he published the scarlet note. It is one of the most famous among his fiction works that are taken from dark romanticism. Today, the novel is treated as literature in several colleges and universities. Also, it is treated as one of the essay topics with the scarlet SparkNotes.

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Scarlet Letter Chapters

Scarlet Letter Chapters

This novel has a total of 24 chapters along with an individual character; a few are discussed above here to give just an overview understanding.  Each chapter ravels the narrative and delves deeper into the themes and characters of the novel. To read this fantastic novel; just go to the bookshop and buy it or search for it online!

Symbols Represent In This Novel – A Clear Overview

Symbols In The Scarlet Letter

The writers in literature use symbols to state the meaning of the terms that depend on several circumstances. Likewise, even in the scarlet note, the symbols used are as follows:

The Door

To be more specific, the term prison door is a symbol that denotes cruel punishment. Usually, it is deemed for the criminals, but sometimes the innocents also get into the trap. But, this place is for the so-called sinners.

The Scarlet A

In the novel, the scarlet A is a symbol of adultery. But, at the novel’s end, the same symbol is portrayed as a sign of innocence.

The Rose Bush

In the novel, the appearance of the red rose bush is observed from two perspectives. At the novel’s beginning, the term is used to portray the beauty of Hester Prynne. The second half symbolizes her 7-year-old daughter and her vibrant life.


It symbolizes the passionate nature of Hester. Also, it depicted the child whom the heroine regarded as a blessing.

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In-Depth Analysis Of The Scarlet Letter

In-Depth Analysis Of The Scarlet Letter

The term ‘Scarlet letter – A’ is a badge of shame. It is embroidered on the golden thread of the heroine’s dress in the novel.

Also, it is the parity between the rule and the breach. The novel also depicts the facts about childhood as well as adulthood. It starts with a scene in the scarlet A chapter 2 summary. Here, Hester comes out of the prison, holding an infant.

The Old-World Ritual

At one point, the novel’s main character, Hester, was asked to beg Governor Bellingham. It was also about following the old world rituals. But the contradiction lies when Hester agrees to accept the Scarlet  ‘A’ which she was asked to put on her dress finely embroidered in gold. It is when the mark of shame got converted into a symbol of pride.

The novel also says that most of the respectable members of the community are sinful. But, the apparent sinners are noble. Dimmesdale develops his sense of guilt and publicly confesses the entire act of adultery before he dies.

One of the analyses of the novel includes psychological repression and social oppression, which creates a great symmetry.

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are some vital components while you deliver an impromptu speech. The following are some of them:

  • Present in simple words
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  • Includes research and analysis

What Is This novel Mainly About?

The scarlet note is mainly about the sin of a young woman with self-reliance. The actress Hester stepped into a new life by giving birth to a child. But, she did not disclose the child’s father. Society asked him to wear the scarlet note A with her clothes to symbolize shame. Later her lover boy was found out. The novel also portrays Dimmesdale’s sense of guilt.

What Is The Central Fact Of 'The Scarlet Letter’?

The novel emphasizes committing a sin that almost everyone in society commits. But Hester committed an adultery mistake as she fell in love with another guy. Unlike other sinners, she and her lovers were exposed. It led to ruining relationships and death. But later, the same scarlet note becomes the reason for her happiness and pride.

What Are The Major Themes Of this American Romance novel?

The novel’s major themes include love, sin, revenge, and hypocrisy.

What Is Ironic About The Scarlet Letter?

Primarily, the scarlet note A was put on Hester’s dress as punishment for her sin. But, the same letter has become a reason for pride and happiness.

How To Cite Sparknotes in The Scarlet Note?

The citation will be like the APA citation in the academic essay format. Even for the story, you can cite the SparkNotes.

Why are Sparknotes used frequently in The Scarlet A?

SparkNotes is a popular study guide resource that provides summaries, analysis, and other helpful information for various literary works, including this romantic American Novel.  

Is the letter 'a' required to be scarlet?

In this novel, there is no significance in using the letter “A” only to signify different colors from the clothes themselves; this A is used. 

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