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What is proposal essay?

A proposal essay is the proposition of an idea that offers substantiations for convincing the reader about augments of the topic. It is important to note that proposals can be written for any topic, classes, colleges and fields. A proposal essay is considered to be the most common form of argumentation. There are different ways available that can help to construct the structure of the proposal essay but the audience, purpose and basic components should always be included within the essay. A proposal essay deals with defining a problem, discussing it from the different perspective with the help of supportive arguments and then offering remedies and solutions for a specified group of audience.
If done well, the proposal essay can help you to impress your professors which are visible in your final grades. Thus, it is essential to generate ideas for proposal essays very judiciously. In the case of writing essay proposal topics then in most cases, the students does not have the choice about tackling the topic of selling. It becomes essential for you to convince your teacher or your professors about the proposal essay ideas chosen by you are good and effectual. Hence, you become a sales person wherein you put forward your ideas and provide arguments that why these ideas would work. The proposal essay has to be well-thought out, structured and presented for the purpose of gaining acceptance.

How to select a good proposal essay topics?

Selection of topics for proposal essay is a quite difficult task as while selecting a topic you have to take three things in mind and they are:

  1. An assertion that can help in proposing particular actions for bringing changes in the practice or the policy which in turn could solve the problem and at the same time is also suitable for the audience.
  2. Obtaining evidence and comprehensions for highlighting the problem and relating the claim of the proposal to the problem and exhibiting some facts that would convince the leader to show that the proposal would solve the problem.
  3. Considering the other proposals and identifying the probable confutations of your proposal are also vital.

These three aspects have to be kept in mind before you choose proposal topics from proposal essay topics list. Ideas for proposal papers can be obtained from practical problems in your school, college, town, cities or your workplace. This selection has to be done very religiously considering the above three aspects so that there are enough arguments available for convincing and authentic suggestions can be provided for bringing changes.
After selecting the topic and before start writing the essay there are some specific activities which are required to be done by you so that your essay is convincing and appealing to your professor. These activities are illustrated in this section.

  • Understanding your audience:


    A proposal essay can be defined as the attempt to persuade the readers that your proposal topic ideas are effective. Hence, you need to identify your audience for whom you will be writing the essay. Are your audience business people? Academics? Government officials? Based on this audience you need to structure your essay proposal and popularise your essay.


  • Carrying out extensive Research

    Research is inherent starting from the selection of ideas for proposal essays. For the proposal essays, it is essential to have secondary sources who can support your claims and this will help you to go long way for persuading others for making the arguments convincible in your proposal. Some time has to be invested for exploring the proposal paper topics in websites, books, and journals. Talking with experts can also help to solve the problem to some extent.

  • Pre-write
    Before writing the essay proposal, it is important to brainstorm some of the essential ideas about the selected proposal essay topics. This would help to acquire appropriate ideas about the selected topic and then would also get time would organise them.
  • Time for Revising
    Before making the pre-proposal final, it is important to review the same from the colleagues or from some close ones who would be able to provide effective feedback for the same. This feedback can hl you to improve your essay proposal further and this in turn can impress your tutor to a great extent.

Ideas for proposal essays have to be selected wisely in the first instance. Research has to be carried out before selecting proposal topics from the proposal essay topics list. Moreover, it would be beneficial if you focus on practical and current topic. The role of research does not end here. Before you sit down to write down your essay proposal, you should emphasize you research capability to obtain arguments about your selected proposal essay topics and then organize then so that a persuasive proposal can be developed that can influence your readers This are the few little things which you need to do before you start writing your essay proposal.

How to write a good proposal essay?

After you obtained all the ideas about the essay proposal through your secondary research and by consultation with experts or teachers, you can now begin your essay proposal. Proposal papers have to be structured essentially so that it can generate interest among the readers to read the full paper. While selecting the ideas for the proposal papers, this aspect has to be kept in mind. However, there some guidelines which have to be considered while writing the proposal essay and they are elaborated in this section.

  • Introduction
    In the introduction part, the readers would be informed about the history of the proposal. Moreover, it is this section, in which the reader would be informed about the proposal essay topics that is to be addressed within that particular proposal. Introduction form the most significant part of the paper as it is in this section where the audience would understand the importance of addressing this topic. This section can be started with some interesting facts and statistics related to the selected topic. These important things have to be sorted and organized before choosing the topic itself. Ideas for proposal papers include a problem which has to be selected that would be solved in the essay proposal.
  • Developing thesis statement
    This implies the statement for the purpose. This section should be concise and the discussion of this section should only focus on the actual proposition of the essay. This section should only have a few sentences and those sentences should be organized and informative so that it attract the reader’s attention and can influence them to read the entire essay. This section should not contain details about the ways in which the essay would be completed.
    1. Planning of Action
      After competing you thesis statement, you should focus on the ways in which you will be dealing with the proposal and would be completing it. What will you do to make you audience believe that you are prepared? It is in this section that you will pride detail about the implementation process of the proposal.
    2. Convince
      At first, your prime responsibility will be to convince the audience the proposal essay topic chosen by you are appropriate. In this case you can highlight your qualification and interest can help to convince the readers that why this topic suited for you as well as for the task.
    3. Detail
      For carrying out the discussion on the implementation of the proposal paper ideas based on the selected topics, you have to provide required details to your audience. These details should focus on how the process will work. However, at the time of providing details make sure that irrelevant and boring details are no provided.
    4. Anticipate
      Predicting probable implementation problems is a good practice and help in communicating to the audience about the fact that you have thought carefully about the essay proposal along with the hindrances which can arise at the time of completing the essay proposal.
  • Necessary sources
    The audience will be convinced if you provide an overview of all the sources which you have used for obtaining your arguments. This section would be short and would include details about the tangible and the intangible items that have used in exploring the topics for proposal essay.
  • Conclusion
    It is the section where you provide a brief summary of all the above section that have been included in the essay. In addition to this, this section should also include a brief overview of your findings and the suggestions that are provided by you and the significance of the advice. This section can also include your opinion and feeling supported by the arguments that you have provided in the previous section.

24 Interesting  Proposal Essay Topics List

In case you are struggling to get an essay topic for your proposal, there are some topics listed below which can help you to obtain ideas. It is important to note that new angles and uniqueness can be provided to the general idea so that it satisfies your needs as well as the guidelines of the school.

Proposal essay topics on Social Issues 

  1. What are the different ways available to convince the teenagers about driving safely?
  2. How can divorce be prevented?
  3. How can racism be prevented or defeated?
  4. What are the different ways to help people who are victims of family violence?
  5. How can we change the welfare system to help people escape generational poverty?
  6. What are the ways of dealing with illegal immigration?

Proposal essay topics on Sports

  1. Is it appropriate to pay the college athletes?
  2. In what ways the colleges can effectively handle the combination of education, athletics, and business?
  3. Which is the best possible way to make a young athlete learn a sport?
  4. What are the different ways available to a coach for encouraging their athletes to do their best?
  5. Think about your local sports team. What can be done to make that team more effective? How can the fans be made to support the team more?

Proposal essay topics on College Life

  1. How can the college be made more affordable for the students?
  2. In what ways the college students stay healthy when they are not involved in any sports like they were in high school?
  3. How can college students maintain balance work, studying, classes, and social life?
  4. What are the different ways available for the college students to deal with issues with roommates?
  5. How can college students ask parents for more money effectively?

Proposal essay topics on Education 

  1. How can the gifted and talented education programs be made more effective?
  2. In what ways the schools best serve the students who require special education?
  3. Which is the best possible way in which schools can allocate money and resources for sports, fine arts, and other special programs?
  4. What actions can be undertaken for preventing misbehaving and disruptive students?

Proposal essay topics on Law

  1. Should consumption of Marijuana be criminalised or decriminalised?
  2. Is it lawful to ban the exploitation done by the meat industry and the dairy industry and people should be forced to adopt vegetarianism?
  3. How does espionage law violate free speech? Should it be banned or improved?
  4. What are your arguments on the voting rights of the prisoners?

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