Which behavior by the mother of a newborn indicates effective bottle-feeding technique?


A. Props the bottle on a rolled towel.
B. Points the nipple at the infant’s tongue.
C.Keeps the nipple full of formula throughout the feeding.
D. Points the nipple at the infant’s tongue.



A breastfeeding client develops engorged breasts at 3 days postpartum. Which of the following actions would help this client achieve the goal of reducing engorgement?

A. Avoid using a breast pump as it will increase discomfort.
B. Reduce her fluid intake for 24 hours.
C. Skip 1-2 feedings to let her sore breasts rest.
D. Breastfeed the infant at least every 2 hours.


The nurse encourages a new mother to feed her newborn as soon as he shows interest. The nurse bases this recommendation on which of the following benefits of early feeding? (select all that apply)

A. Colostrum stimulates peristalsis
B. Colostrum is thinner than mature milk
C. Enhances maternal-newborn attachment
D. Decreases risk of jaundice
E. Colostrum is high in caloric value


The nurse is teaching a new mother how to encourage a sleepy baby to breastfeed. Which of the following will the nurse include in the teaching plan? (select all that apply)

A. change the diaper
B. swaddle the newborn
C. unwrap the newborn from his blankets and place him skin to skin
D. allow the newborn to feel and smell the mother’s milk.
E. hold the newborn closely and gently rock him

A multipara client who had a cesarean delivery states that whenever she breastfeeds her baby, she experiences uterine cramping at a pain level of 6-7. The appropriate nursing action will teach the client that:

A. oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract, is released when the baby suckles at the breast.
B. the cramps will diminish if she massages her uterus before nursing her baby.
C. she has cramps because she had a cesarean delivery.
D. the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated when the baby breastfeeds.


The breastfeeding client tells the home health nurse that she is experiencing sore nipples. Which nursing action will the nurse complete first?

A. Assess infant positioning and latch.
B. Ask the client what type of soap she is using.
C. Instruct the client in the use of breast shields.
D. Assist the client to implement temporary weaning until nipples are less sore.


Which action by a new postpartum client indicates to the nurse the need for further instruction in breastfeeding technique?

A. Checks the placement of the newborn’s tongue before breastfeeding
B. Holds the breast with four fingers along the bottom and thumb on top
C. Stimulates the rooting reflex, then inserts the nipple and areola into the newborn’s mouth
D. Leans forward to bring her breast toward the baby



Which behavior by the mother of a newborn indicates effective bottle-feeding technique?

A. Props the bottle on a rolled towel.
B. Enlarges the nipple hole to allow for a steady stream of formula to flow.
C. Keeps the nipple full of formula throughout the feeding.
D. Points the nipple at the infant’s tongue.


A new breastfeeding mother asks the nurse how to tell if the baby is getting enough milk when she feeds him. The reply of the nurse is based upon knowledge that:

A. Monitoring the number of feedings, stools, and voiding is an important assessment.
B. There is no way to gauge breastfeeding effectiveness.
C. If the baby cries, more feeding is indicated.
D. Assessing the consistency of the breast before feeding and comparing it to the consistency after the feeding session is the most appropriate monitoring technique.


The mother who is formula feeding her newborn asks how often she should feed her baby. The nurse’s response is based on the fact that formula-fed infants:

A. digest formula more rapidly and completely than breastfed infants.
B. have the same feeding habits as breastfed infants.
C. may commonly experience 3-4 hours between feedings.
D. experience shorter periods of time between feedings than breastfed infants.


Which of the following would the nurse would advise the breastfeeding client to do to effectively increase breast milk supply?

A. Increase fluid intake to a minimum of 3000 ml/day.
B. Drink various herbal teas or take oral herbal preparations.
C. Increase nipple stimulation by offering the baby the breast more frequently.
D. Increase consumption of dairy products in the diet.

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