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All of us know there is no better time for resolutions than the New Year. Pessimism of students leads to poor academic performance. Hence a New Year resolution could alter negativity and prove to be a turning point for students. If you are planning on improving your grades in the New Year then first and foremost you need to be able to manage time. You should also opt for the subjects of your choice wisely along with extracurricular activities. Never postpone your studies and learn how to study effectively. You should explore options until you are satisfied with your chosen stream.

You could be making resolutions in the New Year as it is easy to do so during that time. However, the toughest part is applying or implementing them beyond a short span of time. It’s quite possible that you have the willpower or desire to make changes but what is most important is the resolution that you make. You could be making resolutions that are unrealistic, and hence you may not be able to fulfill them. Those are the resolutions that are destined for failure from the beginning.

So, what is the key to making and keeping resolutions? We are sure you would never want to fail in the resolution of delivering your homework or assignments on time. Trust us at Assignments4u to get you well-researched assignments and essays that too in many a different conventional and offbeat subject. This year follow these eleven tips to help draft and keep your resolutions throughout the year.

  • Develop a plan


The resolutions that are successful are the ones that undergo various stages of development. Being spontaneous or prompt is a virtue useful in a variety of situations. However, resolutions that are taken impulsively tend to be the ones that are short-lived.

  • List your goals


Listing your goals probably is easier done. Focus on your objectives and goals from the perspective of what you intend to achieve. You don’t need to have a long list of goals as you may not be able to achieve all of them. If you are confused, then it’s crucial to set specific goals. Your goal should not be to improve your grades rather your goal should be to enhance your grade point average to a 3.0 from a 2.5 for example.

  • Itemize your objectives in order of priority

It may occur to you that your goals and objectives are overwhelming and you have to overcome insurmountable odds. Therefore you may feel the need to rearrange them in order of priority. Truth is if you have a lot of objectives then you could easily get distracted as the focus would be lost. You may not feel as motivated as you might have felt had you not had as many goals and objectives. Instead, once you have prepared a list of every aspect of your life that you want to change, you need to arrange them sequentially in order of priority. If for example, your intention is attending graduate school and to attend graduate school better grade point average is needed, then, in that case, your goal first and foremost ought to be to raise your grades to an acceptable range for graduate school. That should be your immediate priority and focus rather than graduate school. Always remember to set realistic goals; goals that you can achieve under the circumstances that you are in.

  • Generic goals should be broken down into specific, manageable tasks


You may be overwhelmed with a goal that has a wide scope. It may be impossible therefore to accomplish the tasks. However, if you meet the challenges of the goal head-on and then break it into relatively smaller tasks, then a combination of those tasks would ultimately help achieve your goal. If for example, you intend to improve your grade point average from a grade C to a grade B then in that case you need to plan on focusing every week on improving your grades thereby monitoring your own progress.

  • Think of several ways of achieving your tasks leading to your goal

You should be able to think of dynamic ways of achieving your goals particularly if there is a goal that you have attempted and haven’t been able to achieve. If for example, you tried to cram or similar studying techniques without any tangible results then the time is right to explore other proven study tactics.

  • Change your lifestyle


Once you are sure of your goal and know how to go about achieving it make changes to your environs on purpose so that your efforts pay off. If you happen to study in your dormitory room or apartment, follow a routine with which you are comfortable. If you are distracted and cannot concentrate, then the best thing to do would be to identify and eliminate disturbances. You could do away with bad habits but more importantly, changing your lifestyle is about discovering yourself.

  • Get support when needed

Whenever needed, get your family and friends to support you so that you regain the much-needed willpower to execute your plan and achieve your goal. A virtual or local support group would be gratifying and in the process aid and abet the willpower for success.

  • Your success should be documented and celebrated

With every step that is taken regardless of whether it’s big or small, you are closer to reaching your goal. It would be an emotional moment for you. Hence rewarding yourself with an emotional gift would be appropriate. Monitoring your progress is evidence that you too can be successful. Moreover, it’s a testament to the concrete progress that you are making to reach your goals. You should feel motivated as you struggle with your plans or doubt your progress.

  • Hope for the best and prepare for the worst


Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve; managing your time better, obtaining better grades, or making better choices, there will be periods in which circumstances would arise that would deter you from reaching your goal. You should prepare yourself mentally for the likelihood of such a scenario arising. Once the mental preparedness exists then acceptance of the setback is fairly easy, and the stumbling block to moving on is removed. Typically the response is in the form of a dejected feeling leading to blaming the setback as a pretext to quit.

  • You deserve forgiveness if you falter

An occasional slip-up is common. That should not be the reason though for being harsh on you. Instead, give yourself some time for analysis as to the reason behind the slip-up in the first place. Once the reasons are clear then analyze what sort of precautionary steps you can take to prevent such occurrences in future. Don’t brood over a slip-up as that would be a hindrance to moving on with your life.

  • Don’t be a quitter

Persistence pays but quitting does not. There might be instances when you may have to face situations where the short-term plans that you have made may backfire on you, and you may not be anywhere close to your goal. You may be tempted to quit, but that is when you ought to persist. If a certain technique that you may have been using isn’t working in your favor anymore, then formulate a new strategy using new techniques. The key is working harder as the harder you work on it the likelihood of you achieving it increases by leaps and bounds.

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