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Money-Saving Ideas Every College Student Should Know

College is where you will be spending the best years of your life.

You will make friends, explore new opportunities, and, importantly, get to know yourself.

Now as heading towards college will bring a new life transition,

It is also important to manage your surroundings.

Especially managing money on your own and doing it well.

Read below for six money tips that every college student should know about,

1. Student discount

College presents a lot of discounts for their students and makes sure to avail it.

You just steeped in a world where your student id can bring lots of perks.

From technology, books, food, movie tickets, museum, to the shopping mall, you will get things in half the price.

Popular platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and Netflix, etc. provide student discount take you can use to your advantage.

2. Network for free stuff

There can be a used futon sitting in your friend’s basement, or an unused cupboard that he is willing to throw out.

Start networking with people and ask if they have anything to spare.

There is no shame in asking things, especially from your friends.

Please talk with your parents to know when the neighbors will have their next garage sale.

Ask for books from your friends that they no longer need and get them on a good discount.

But make sure to ask for the correct edition of your class.

Your community is there to help you, and all you have to do is reach out and ask!

3. Wait for the right season

It can get tempting to buy a new jacket or get an excellent couch for your dorm.

However sweet the temptations may be, be patient!

Wait for the discount season to appear and make your move.

The shop stores more stocks that they can afford and eventually drop prices to clear the shelf.

If you can, start the year with only the vital things and pick up during the discount season.

4. Track your finance

When in college, make sure to make your personal finance a priority.

Do not get overwhelmed in spending too much.

If you are really in doubt, start noting down your expenses and start cutting down however you can.

You will be avoiding costs that would otherwise add more debt to your existing bills.

5. Avoid negative people

You will be making friends with a lot of new faces in college.

Although it is a good thing, be careful about the friends you will make.

Make sure your friends do not force you into doing something that may harm your reputation, socially or otherwise.

If your friend knacks you into spending money, then stop hanging around with them!


Be friends with people who will understand your situation and help you in getting better.

6. Get a Job

I know the coursework will keep you hopping throughout the semester.

But, getting a part-time job will help you in clearing some of your bills.

Try getting a job in the dorm, cafeteria, or in the tutoring center.

This way, you won’t be losing your sleep or compromising grades.

You will know how much you can manage having some cash to pay for your books, food, and rent.

I hope the above tips will help the students in making wise decision both financially and in life.

If time comes to spend a night alone in solving assignment solutions, then it’s worth it.

  •     Money-Saving Ideas Every College Student Should Know
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