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The Microsoft Office suite offers a set of programs for everyday productivity tasks. It includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel. Here, we will present the 10 Microsoft Excel tips every user should know.

Microsoft is best known for its operating systems and software. Microsoft Excel is a powerful data evaluation and visualization software. It uses excel spreadsheets to store, organize, and track data sets with excel functions and formulas.

Excel files are popular in academics, businesses, offices, and accounting. The leading spreadsheet application has maintained the industry standards for more than thirty-five years.

It offers handy and powerful tools to daily users. Even the school curriculum includes Microsoft Excel. It manages daily budgets, business inventories, school assignments, and more.

Life will be easier if you know these amazing Microsoft excel tips. So, go through these 10 excel tips.

Microsoft Excel Tips For 2022

1. Resize Rows and Columns

The user can’t fit every text or data in Excel default cell height and width. That means you need to change the column width or row height to match the data. So here is the first excel tip to resize rows and columns.

Click on a column or a row. Now click on the “Format” button within the “cells” group. Select whether you want to adjust height or width.

Resize Rows and Columns

Here you need to enter the row or column amount. And it will be adjusted according to the amount entered. 

 the row or column amount

You can also use the mouse to do this manually. Place the mouse pointer between the row or column. Get the floating balloon and drag the mouse until the desired size is achieved.

You can even double click on the right border of the column and get auto width-size according to data.

2. Add or Remove Rows, Columns, and Cells

Often, users want to add or remove rows, columns, or cells. You can easily achieve this by using “Insert and Delete Cells” commands.

Click on the “Insert” to add a row, column, or cell.

Add or Remove Rows, Columns, and Cells

Click on the “Delete” to delete any row, column, or cell. Both the options are given in the same group of commands.

delete any row

You can do the same using a mouse. Right-click on the row or column and select the appropriate action.

3. Freeze Panes

Sometimes you need to scroll through a spreadsheet without losing focus on the particular part of the data or sheet. You can achieve this using the “Freeze Panes” function. Select the data or part you want to freeze.

Now select the “View” tab, click on the “Freeze Panes” menu and click Freeze Panes.

The selected part will always be visible when you scroll through the website. It’s time to get the best MS Excel Assignment Help

4. Change Text Alignment in Cells

Sometimes you need to create a register or labels. You can achieve this using the “Format Cells” dialogue. This will help you adjust the alignment of texts within cells.

Select the cell where you want text alignment. Then right-click on the selection and click “Format Cells.”

Format Cells

Now click on the “Alignment” tab. You can use the mouse to change the text alignment or enter the value manually. When done, click “OK.”

5. Use of Cell Protection to Prevent Editing in Particular Part of Spreadsheet

People share workbooks with others for many specific reasons. At the same time don’t want any accidental edits, then you need to use the cell protection feature. Many ways are there to achieve this. Here, we will discuss how to protect a group of cells.

You need to turn on the “Protect Sheet” option. Go to the “Format” menu. Now click on “Protect Sheet.”

Here you can select the type of modifications that you want others don’t make. Enter the password, click “OK” and again “OK” to confirm.

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Now select the group of cells and columns you want to protect or prevent others from editing. Click on the “Format” menu and click Lock Cell.  

If others want to make any changes, they will receive the error message.

6. Know Important Excel Functions – Sum, Average, Max, Min, and Count

The power of Microsoft Excel lies in its functions and formulas. You can use basic functions to do simple mathematical operations. Similarly, using advanced functions, you can perform the complex mathematical evaluation.

The most popular functions in excel are:

  • Sum: It helps to calculate the total of a given range of cells.
  • Average: It is used to determine the average of a given range of cells.
  • Max: It finds the maximum value in the given range of cells.
  • Min: It finds the minimum value in the given range of cells.
  • Count: It calculates the number of values in a given range of cells. It avoids empty or cells without numeric data.

The quick way to do this is to click on the “AutoSum” command and select the appropriate option.

7. Apply Special Formatting to Numbers and Currency in Cells

Many times users need to specify the currency or add decimals. Here you can use the “Numbers” tab within the “Formal Cells” dialogue box.

Select the number you want to format. Now, right-click and select the “Numbers” tab. Now you can choose the currency from the category list.

This way, you can select the number of decimal places and currency format. Still, struggling with spreadsheets? Get the leading excel assignment solutions now.  

8. Create and Manipulate Charts

You must know the Microsoft excel tips for using charts. Charts help you to present data in a graphical format. Excel offers an easy process to achieve this.

Highlight the range of data in your spreadsheet. Now select the “Insert Tab” and click on the “See All Charts” option.

This way, you can choose the chart type or format to present the data in the graphical format.

9. Reveal Formulas

sometimes you need to validate calculations in your workbooks. The best part to do this is by revealing formulas.

Go to the “Formulas” tab. Now click on the “Show Formula” located in the “Formula Auditing” group.

Reveal Formulas

Now you can quickly go through all the formulas used in the workbook. You can also print them. This way, you can analyze from where the particular value has arrived.

10. Print Optimization

Manu excel users face problems while printing spreadsheets. The user usually struggles to print the specific part in the workbook. But that’s possible.

There are some print options that you need to understand. It includes print preview, fit to one page, adjusting margins, portrait vs. landscape, print selection, printing headers,  and spreadsheet design.

Print Optimization

Spend some time getting comfortable with these options. This way, you will only print the specific desired area.    

Last Few Words

We hope you have enjoyed the Microsoft excel tips given above. Our prime aim is to make your life easy with spreadsheets. School and college students are often asked to complete excel assignments.

The other life priorities and lack of focus make it challenging for them to complete assignments on time. Make sure the textual evidence is detailed, accurate, and factual. It strengthens the validity of the writing. If you are struggling with excel assignments? Visit Assignments4u!

The innovative platform provides the best excel assignment help. It’s time to improve your assignment grades. Just a call can bring you a smooth academic life.

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