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It is the process of managing any change in organizational structure, business, and cultural processes. Change is required in any organization because it helps in providing the changes in customers expectations, business environment and other volatile nature of marketplace this helps in coming up with other competitors. Change in Organizational culture and structure helps the organizations to maintain a balance with the changing effects of different changing processes. This efficiency helps in managing the organizational change so as to give the organization a dynamic look. It is mainly a framework for managing the effects new business changes, processes in organizational culture or structural changes within an enterprise.

Organizational Change is mainly about the modifying and reviewing business processes and management structures. This is very essential for small businesses to adopt this method as it helps these type of small businesses to compete against bigger business entities. Every company looks forward to finding different ways and procedures to do things which turn out to be much more cost-effective and efficient as well. This helps them to stay a step ahead in the competition of the businesses. As there is no need to fear change as it is very crucial for any kinds of business entities so that they can embrace change and forward to lay their foundations in such a way so that they can endure success later onwards.

Companies who tend to refuse to embrace these changes they slowly become incompetent and disappear from the market. We all know that changing anything is very difficult as it involves changing the habits as well as modifying people’s behaviors. Some sort of resistance can come from the employee’s change who are much more skeptical than others. Top management leadership qualities can bring a drastic change in the companies which will be successful in the forthcoming years. As changes help the employees so that they can do their work more efficiently and effectively as well.

Organizational changes include three types of basic stages which are implementation, establishing the requirement and monitoring. The first stage is implementation which includes the changing the processes and structures, like diminishing the number of management levels, re-assigning management, integrating business units, providing division managerial heads more flexible ways for decision-making procedures. Now let’s see about the second stage which is establishing the requirement every senior manager have to decide and plan accordingly to see that where the company wants to be in the upcoming 10 years and what types of requirements it wants.


Any business, organizations and other enterprises in today’s fast-moving environment is an efficient and effective opportunity to embrace change as it helps in organizing and rearranging the official works in such a way so that it will help in adapting uncertain situations. Now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of organizational change and why it is required in each and every corporations. They are as follows:-


    1. Alignment Of Existing Resources – Just because a company is making certain changes in their knowledge management strategy and the system does not mean that the company is trying to replace all the existing resources. The important thing is that the company is trying to reallocate its current resources in such a way so that it may be required for the future needs later on. With an effective change in management plans the company needs to be well prepared by aligning the existing resources along with the new tools and implement the strategies to earn the profit even much more and in an efficient way.


    1. Assessment and Motivation – With a strategic change in the management plan the company requires a vision to be fulfilled in such a way so that the process change will look like milestones which are required to achieve the end results perfectly. This helps in allowing those who are in charge transition process mainly required for assessing the success of the project during each and every crucial stage. Hence this provides a perfect opportunity for motivating the team members who can help in achieving the desired goals according to the recognition for those who succeed later on.


    1. Reducing Risk And Inefficiency – Every Big Time Firms and companies take the required times for the creation of the management of organizational change which will help them in reducing the risk and inefficiencies. The company needs to create such a plan which needs to be considered by all the team members and employees who are involved in the transition. The company helps in reducing the possibility of any sorts of unsuccessful attempts and implement the change without losing any time.


    1. Opportunities To Develop More Often – Managing the Organizational Change helps in enabling the business possibilities to develop and improve more during the transition. The company can even develop some new sets of best practices and utilization which will help the others to maintain the balance of the company in such a way so that it can gain more confidence and can innovate more new ideas for the forthcoming developments of the company. This change also brings the changes in leadership qualities, as well as other team members, prepare themselves so that they can contribute towards the company’s growth and development processes.


  1. Reduced Costs – The development of new organizational change allows the organization or the company to reduce its cost values of the transition by allowing a better well-equipped management system in the budget. With the best people involved the company can reduce or diminish the waste and inefficiencies to avoid costly and expensive projects which do not even contribute to the ultimate goals.


Now let’s look at the disadvantages of managing organizational change. They are as follows:-

    1. Choosing The Wrong Solution – Companies often try to initiate some change when they start to have problems which require being solved. Sometimes it becomes dangerous to implement any solution without discovering the root cause of the problem. Even the stakeholders are widely affected by the unintended consequences of the change because the management does not even try to investigate the problem occurred thoroughly. So this type of unknowing change may affect the areas where the operations were functioning properly.


    1. Internal Resistance – A company can get some kind of resistance to any sorts of changes no matter how big, or small may be the advantages. The main tools for managing this type of problems are complete timely and honest way of communication with the workforce as a clear communication help the employees to go through an inevitable adjustment phase.


  1. Change May not Equal to Progress – Many companies try in providing a spontaneous improvement. While they cannot become fully satisfied due to the status which is unable to drive the excellence in the organization. As we all know that every organization can be developed as well as improved no matter how it is performing, but the administrative heads and managers have to indulge themselves so that they can help the company to grow according to the changes taken place.



Any type of change is required by every organization as well as to other individuals too. As working and operating in the same old methodologies can lead to utter failures too. The failure in understanding the accurate urgency of need in changing heads to many crucial problems. Changes help in shifting the way some activities which are operated and done for solving different problems. Generally, it is a new approach to dealing with everything which can give successful and positive results or outputs. Still, this type of change is not at all easy rather its time consuming, but at the end of it, this will provide good advantages for running the business organizations smoothly. Below are some pointers which will allow us to understanding the accurate importance of organizational changes and why they are required. They are as follows:-

    • Bring Technological Advancements
    • Technology plays an important role in the development of the organizations. Changes those results in adopting new technologies is common in most of the companies still it can be disruptive in the first stage ultimately this type of changes help in increasing the service quality and productivity of the company. To beat the competitions, some companies even try to add up new technological advancements so that they can update themselves and reach the goal without even using the old methodologies.


  • Satisfied Customers
  • Sometimes Organizations can create certain changes which can even dissatisfy the employees and also the customers as well. But when the new changes bring out the favorable effects, employees and the clients start to accept the new changes which have taken place. Eventually, changes to the operations of an organization help in building up a positive competition which can help the organizations to develop themselves in a much better way than their rivals.



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