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Homework is a big deal in education, but does it help students do better in school? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this blog. We’ll look at the good and bad sides of homework and see if it makes students do better or worse in their studies. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of how homework can affect students and their grades.

Delve into “Impacts of Homework on Student Achievement” – Does homework boost or hinder academic performance? Explore both sides in this insightful blog.

What does the research say about homework?

To understand the importance of homework in a student’s life, numerous research studies were conducted. There were both positive and negative points combined with homework and students. Here we pointed out some of the findings for you below:

  • As per a study conducted by Duke University Psychology Professor Harris Cooper in 2006, it was noted that homework helps students to perform better in school.
  • The research had positive results for higher grades like grades 7 to 12. 
  • However, it had negative results for students of younger grades.
  • The study also stated that homework helps to achieve better test scores.
  • In addition to that, it helps with better study habits, problem-solving skills, self-discipline, etc.
  • Also, some studies by him showed negative points about homework. 
  • It stated that students felt fatigued both emotionally and physically. Their leisure time for them was declined, and their negative attitudes were seen too. 

He then concluded the study by inputting it in an argumentative manner. According to him, homework should not be neglected entirely. But, it should not be assigned excessively to young students. You must be interested in the blog who invented school.

What is the impact of homework?

Homework impacts students through various means. It is likely to affect the health, social life, and grades of a student. Besides, it also helps to get college admission in a good college. Here we are going to talk about its impact in brief.



First and foremost, one of the major concerns of parents related to homework is its effect on students’ health. Homework is likely to affect both the physical and mental health of a student. As per a study conducted by Stanford University, 56% of students consider homework as their number one cause of stress. 

If we talk about other conditions, then homework is likely to trigger weight loss, exhaustion, headache, sleep, etc. Also, the eating habits of students change too. They are likely to choose fast food instead of regular food, which encourages an unhealthy lifestyle.

Social Life

Homework also affects the social life of a student. With so many tasks and coursework, it becomes tough for them to get time for socializing. They spend their nights studying away from family and friends. All these circumstances can make these students feel lonely. 

Bonding with technology
Students who study and work together have a significant drawback in social life. After completing their work and homework, they hardly get any time to go out with friends or spend some time with the family. While education is essential, students are likely to feel stressed and lethargic with time without a social life.

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There is no doubt that homework helps students to score good grades and perform better academically. However, too much homework is likely to affect a student’s grade. That’s because, with too much homework, students will start taking someone else’s help with Assignment

With time, this step will turn into a habit, and they will start relying on someone else’s help to complete the coursework. In addition to that, excessive homework can retain active learning. Active learning is a kind of knowledge where students can utilize the class content in real life. It can further affect their grades too. With too much homework, students are more likely to stay away from learning. If you want to avoid too much homework stress, then Do My Homework is the best solution for you!

Does homework cause depression?

Now, there is no doubt that homework helps students to grow and learn better. However, when it becomes too much, that can be pretty affecting. As per a study by the Journal of Experimental Education, if homework exceeds the span of 2 hours, its effect is likely to be the opposite. In simple terms, it is possible to backfire and affect the health of students. 

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The pressure of meeting the deadline makes them anxious. Besides, they also claim to suffer from depression from too many tasks. About 70% of students say that school coursework and Homework make them feel stressed. The stress is mainly due to a lack of knowledge.

For example, if you are asked to write a claim, you must know the correct way ‘ how to write a claim. Get the full details here. While homework in limited amounts is undoubtedly helpful, pressuring students with too many tasks can affect their everyday lives. As a result, they might get depressed and stressed. It is also the reason why they search for assignment help from online tutors. The academic stress is so high that either they look for someone to help with homework or look for individuals to complete their assignments, coursework, and other tasks.

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Does homework improve academic achievement and synthesis of research?

As per educational research, homework improves the academic achievement of a student. Here are some of its benefits/perks mentioned below

Memory and Thinking Skills

When a student is assigned homework, they try their best to complete it with useful tactics. Their efforts can enhance their memory and thinking skills with time. As a result, they end up coming with fascinating ideas and better memory. 

Better communication
An overall personality improvement

Time Management

As homework has deadlines combined with it, students learn to manage the time efficiently. They try their best to balance the time and tasks precisely. Also, they help to set the priorities both in academic as well as real life. 


And ofcourse, there is no doubt that homework is likely to enhance the knowledge of the student. Their dedication to extensive research can certainly help students with more information about the subject.

Better communication
An overall personality improvement

More Responsibility

Students are likely to be more responsible and disciplined with assigned homework. That’s because these tasks encourage students to complete them on their own without anybody’s help. 

It can then help students to become more dedicated with time.

While these benefits are pretty good, it works only if the homework or assessment is in a limited range. If homework is too much for them, the beneficial effects on student outcomes turn into disadvantages. So, how much homework is the best for students? Let’s find out in the next section. Also, students getting overburdened with homework can now avail homework help services from us. Learn more about it right away.

How Much Homework Is Appropriate For Students?

According to researcher Harris Cooper, the recommendations of the National PTA study suggests strategies and implications for homework. Here is a glimpse of the same

  • The homework should take 10-20 minutes for first graders.
  • Ten minutes should be added with each passing grade.
  • Also, there can be changes in the timings as per the instructor.


To sum it up, homework can impact a student’s academic life positively. However, it should be limited. Too much homework effects student achievement, student’s health, social life, and grades as well. Thus, to maintain a proper balance of all the entities, teachers should assign homework in moderation. We hope our blog answered all your questions. If you liked this read, then check out our other blogs too.

Moreover, if you need to clear your queries on writing the assignment introduction part, then follow the article on how to write an introduction for assignment.

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