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This is a systematic and ongoing process which requires in achieving the optimum utilization of an organization’s valuable assets. This field of study helps in understanding the primary objectives of Human Resource Planning and the perfect fit between a job and to its employees so as to avoid any sorts of surpluses and manpower shortages. There are some key steps which are associated with this type of study it’s mainly about four steps only; they are as follows:

  1. Forecasting Labor Demand
  2. Analyzing Present Labor Supply
  3. Balancing Labor Demand With Supply
  4. Enhancing and assisting Organizational Goals

The first and foremost thing about HRP (Human Resource Planning) requires being feasible enough to meet the short-term challenges as well as adapting the developing improvements in business surroundings over the long-term. Human Resource Planning starts by auditing and assessing the present capacity of human resources. Planning gives a sense of meaning and way. It is a complete framework for making arrangements in advance. Also, this promotes the organizing, directing, and controlling purposes of management. Planning helps in allowing an individual to make decisions ahead of time, it helps in anticipating the consequences of different courses of action, it provides control and a sense of direction, it provides a unifying structure against which assists in measuring decisions and thus avoids piecemeal resolution planning. A plan serves to identify the potential opportunities and warnings as well.

The major objective of HRP is to afford the optimum use of the existing human resources and finding the right work for the right personnel. This department is mainly a part of the planning process of business. This is the exercise of the management and the directors of the company, which helps in aiming and coordinating the required provisions for the availability of different types of employers. Human Resource Planning mainly includes the accumulation of information, making decisions and preparing objectives to enable and control the organization in such a way so that it can easily achieve its main purpose throughout its lifetime.


Human resource planning points at achieving the objectives of workforce requirement. It helps to prepare the selected resources for the productive organizational activities. The human resource planning is an important method primarily helps in aiming to link business strategy and its execution. Many essential small business duties are covered under human resources, comprising of recruiting, firing, salary, employee training, and standards initiating. With well-researched human resources programs, owners of small companies can address these duties while preparing the business for future growth and development by ascertaining and retaining top skilled employees. For expanding businesses, comprehensive Human Resource Planning is required in bringing on an HR Professional or an HR Manager. Below are some pointers which will help in understanding the requirement of HRP in a much detailed way and this will allow every one of us to get the depth and feel of importance in it. They are as follows:-

    1. Future Workforce Requirements– Human resource planning assures that employees are available to provide the sustained smooth performance of an organization to improve its quality in its products and services. This means human resource planning is regarded as a mechanism to assure the future availability of workforce to carry on the organizational ventures. It defines the future needs of manpower concerning about the number and it’s kind.


    1. Development Of Human Resources– Human resource planning recognizes the skill obligations for different levels of employment. According to its administration, they start organizes numerous training and development operations to impart the required competence and ability in employees to accomplish the task efficiently and effectively.


    1. Coping Up With Changes in Business Environments– Human resource planning is necessary to cope up with the changing surroundings of the business regulations which is associated with the external environmental determinants. It helps in assessing the contemporary human resources through HR record and adapts to evolving technological, administrative, socio-cultural, and financial forces.


    1. Compliance and Training– Small businesses can use HRP as a valuable mechanism to evaluate personnel efficiency. By laying out the functions and duties of the company’s workers, along with a process for employee execution reviews, an HR plan can benefit managers identify the under-performing working members and ascertain where training or coaching programs are required. Another important role for HRP is to direct federal, country and local laws, which may involve everything from employee recruiting to firing guidelines to worker’s earnings claims to workplace safety laws.


    1. Recruitment Or Hiring– Any sorts of small and big businesses or companies cannot survive and grow without having the proper staff in position, which makes hiring the top talented individuals is an important part of Human Resource Planning Department. Any proposal should comprise a method for evaluating the company’s goals and requirements. A plan for recruiting should consider any budgeting constraints and identify causes for obtaining qualified candidates, which may involve numerous job fairs, internship programs, commercials, headhunters or another third party consulting department recruiters. HRP should approach towards the candidates who are being interviewed or who are being screened. Salary and other benefits combinations can also be a major recruitment issue incorporated in an HRP System.


    1. Human Resource Management– A Human Resource Planning requires being addressed towards an HR Manager or to an Hr Professional. According to Crain’s Detroit Business suggests companies have one HR manager for every 95 to 100 representatives. For enterprises that are developing, Inc. website proposes hiring an HR Manager with expertise backgrounds oversee a company or business at least twice the size of its regular staff. Experience and thorough knowledge of the process matter too and HR professionals with 6 to 10 years of experience can offer excellent skills such as hiring strategies and privilege plans which will help in attracting quality employees which can be either experienced candidates or even freshers too.


    1. Future Workforce Requirements– Human resource planning assures that candidates are ready to provide the maintained smooth performance of an organization. This means that the HRP is observed as a mechanism to guarantee the future availability of workforce to carry out the organizational projects and other company related exercise or programs seamlessly. It defines the future requirements of human resources regarding the form of a number or in kind.




The Department of Human Resources in various organizations as well as in small business entities is required in assessing the plantings required for both the present and for forthcoming ventures. Here below are given some advantages and its limitations which will help us in getting a depth and detailed view of the process and its operating facilities. They are as follows:-


    1. HRP is necessary for the various organizations. The cooperate companion of the organization regarding development, diversification, technological innovation, should be backed up by the availability of workforce. This helps in suggesting the modification required in the plan when the common human resources are not available.


    1. It balances uncertainty and variation. Sometimes the organization may have machines and capital but not enough employees this consequently affects the production. It offsets such irregular changes and transforms them to the maximum possible hence enables the organization to have the right candidate at the right time and in the required field of work.


    1. HRP helps in preparing for physical abilities, working situations, the capacity of fringe benefits like restaurant, academies, hospitals, transportation, child care centers, districts, company storehouses, etc.


  1. Human Resource Planning helps in controlling all functions and cost of human resources. As well as provides the exact required steps in improving the human resource contribution in increasing the structural forms sales, productivity, and turnovers, etc.


    1. The future is unknown. There are numerous visible determinants. Technological, civic, educational, etc. This affects the possibilities of various professional conditions. Therefore, the administration can analyze the human resource planning as a guiding determinant and cannot rely entirely upon it.


    1. The HRP is time-consuming as it accumulates the complete knowledge regarding the organizational requirements of each field and then obtains the suitable roots to meet the demands.


    1. The HRP is a costly process. All the ventures carried out from the time the workforce requires arises till the ultimate position of employees uses a lot of time and is very costly.


  1. With the excessive human resources, the companies try to eliminate this imbalance using terminus, layoff, dismissal of the current representatives. This could create a feeling of insecurity amongst the employees working in an organization, and this would result in the dissolution of their confidence in the organization.

Thus, the company must bring out the human resource planning carefully since it corresponds with several limitations that can negatively affect the overall functioning of the organization and its processes.


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