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If your professor has just given you one of those daunting assignments, you must be wondering how to write a compare and contrast essay that is well structured and is going to achieve your desired grades.

There is no need to fret, here is an easy guide that will make this transition seem as easy as pie!

Easy tips on writing a compare and contrast essay

Let’s get down to business here and learn what a compare and contrast essay is all about.

Basically, it is not rocket science. You just compare two different subjects, like or sometimes similar ones, and highlight their similarities and differences. One example of this could be a comparison between WW1and WW2, or, you may want to find out the differences and similarities between Shakespeare and Milton’s writing styles and so on, you get the point. Do you actually know how many words in a paragraph? If not, then we’ll provide all the details. 

If you’re planning on traditional or online essay writing,the challenge of delivering the perfect conclusion remains the same.

Here is a checklist:

  1. Always check the instructions that come with the assignments, as it would give you an idea about how to write a compare and contrast essay outline
  2. Subjects and structure for compare and contrast may not be there in the assignment; in this case, you just need to start researching yourself.
  3. Try to stick to topics of common interest
  4. You can pick entirely two different topics and try comparing them to find some similarities that might exist
  5. You may also choose to work on two apparently similar subjects and highlight their not so apparent differences
  6. Make sure you pick subjects that are at least possible if not easy, for you compare and contrast and does not seem illogical or far-fetched
  7. No matter what subjects you choose make sure that you can easily find information and example
  8. You can compare and contrast ideas, elements, theories almost anything under the sun as long as they fit the bill
  9. Stick to facts and make sure that despite there being differences they connect on some level in a convincing way
  10. Also, do not forget to use cue words such as similarly, likewise, although, still, in contrast.

Now let’s find out how to write a good compare and contrast essay

There are several components of a comparing and contrasting essay. So, if you are writing it for the first time, then you might have questions, well, let us address your queries. To help you out, we are breaking it down into parts.

Meanwhile, follow the blog here to know the best compare and contrast essay topics.

What type of writing is a compare and contrast essay?

There are certain salient features in this sort of essay that set it apart.

  • A compare and contrast essay is basically an analytical sort of writing, where you would be dissecting each topic on different aspects.
  • Here you need to brainstorm in to figure out in which ways the similarities and differences start and end.
  • Present a valid argument- You can’t just go on ranting about differences and similarities. You need to put up a strong argument and state facts to back your views.
  • It is highly informative and engaging since it states a freshly researched viewpoint along with lesser-known facts

 So, what is the purpose of a compare and contrast essay?

  • A compare and contrast essay is not an easy one, and frankly speaking, it may confuse you first, since you don’t know its purpose.

In this essay, your job is to find out information about your subjects that are not so apparent and also point out at what level they connect. So, keep that in mind while writing.

 Why is it so important to compare and contrast?

Your assignments are aimed at testing your knowledge, and in this kind of essay, you get to do research and find out new information. Not just that, but it also tests your analytical skill as you need to analyze two different subjects from multiple angles to build your argument.

How do we write compare and contrast ?

Seek help if you have no clue about how to write a compare and contrast essay outline. Basically, you can find plenty of examples online, that will give you a clear idea about

  • how to write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay
  • structure of the essay
  • number of paragraphs
  • doing a comparison and contrasting stud
  • the proper way to use examples
  • reaching a perfect conclusion


How do you begin a compare and contrast essay?

Now that you know what you are going to be writing about, you need to breakdown your compare-contrast writing ideas in structured outlines.

If you have no clue about how to write a good compare and contrast essay, then you could talk to your teacher for a guideline or, you could do research to find out the right structure for writing the essay.

The act of comparison and contrast can be a bit tricky because you will provide information on both topics individually and then start pointing out which compare contrast attributes have similarities and which ones have differences.

Also read how to write a short essay?

How many paragraphs are in a compare and contrast essay?

It depends on the instructions you get with your assignment, but, you can divide a comparing and contrasting essay into five paragraphs. The way you structure the body of the essay is pretty simple.

Intro of the essay: You may not have any idea about the intro part.

This is the section where you provide a brief idea about what your essay is going to be like and which subjects are being compared and contrasted for what purpose. It is your first paragraph.

Body of the essay: This second paragraph may have two parts or more depending upon whether you would be using the alternating method or block method and eventually moving on to combining both.

What kind of subjects you are dealing with may also decide whether the body will be split into three paragraphs or more.

You may use each paragraph for highlighting similar points, and the next one to point out not so common attributes.

Conclusion: This one is the most vital segment of your essay, where you would be presenting your final views based on the whole contrasting and comparing that you did in earlier paragraphs.

Do remember to keep it compact because all the elaboration is done in the previous paragraphs.

What are the 5 types of hooks?

Sometimes when students get such essays for the first time, they do not know how to write a thesis for compare and contrast essay.

Shifting through examples can be of big help for writing such essays.

What you need to know is that you have to present points in ways that makes it an exciting and informative read.

In your essay, you should incorporate 5 types of hooks, read on to find out what they are

  1. The Interesting Question Hook: In the essay intro section, you could present your theory by raising a question about the similarities and differences that your chosen subjects have or lack, and thereby making the readers intrigued to find out more in the next paragraph.
  2. The Strong Statement/Declaration Hook: You need to take an assertive approach to present your argument. You have picked your subjects, you did your research, and you are confident that they have some common writing points, but on some level, their similarities end and differences begin.

Now use strong statements about your viewpoint for your readers.

  1. The Fact/ Statistic Hook: Your professor is not going to give you grades just because of your conviction. When you are dissecting two objects on different levels, you need to back it up with information, as well as statistics depending on the subjects you chose. Do your research well, and find out relevant information to support your arguments.
  2. The Description Hook: Since you are doing a comparing and contrasting essay, you will be focusing on different attributes of each subject. Give description, example, even if it is brief because descriptions can get readers interested in finding out what more you have to say.
  3. The Story Hook: If you can pep up your argument by putting some interesting anecdotes that are going to help.

How do you write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay?

Writing the conclusion can be challenging because you have to state your findings here and summarize the whole thing.

Do not get repetitive and keep on restating facts they already know. Instead, focus on your findings and structure your conclusion to establish your argument on strong ground. Your readers should be convinced.

So, how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay?

No matter which way you look at it, just stating what is similar and what is not won’t do the trick for you. You need to research and develop a valid argument based on your findings. It should be meaningful; you must point out clearly through an example where you are heading. You can get to know more about How to write a claim here!

A good idea here would be using the Venn diagram in the body of the essay, where you present your thoughts with the help of overlapping circles. The point at where they overlap should include the similarities, and the differences should be on the other side of both circles.

Which methods to follow?

So, you have several options here

1) You can cover each element individually mentioning their unique attributes and then go on comparing and contrasting

2) You can begin contrasting and comparing both on different points simultaneously

You need to decide whether the alternating method, block method, combination method works best for you

Alternating method: In this way, you keep on switching between one element and the other highlighting different aspects

Block method: Here, you discuss one element at a stretch, and then when you are done with it, you move it to the other. Basically, you would be breaking points down in paragraphs.

Point-by-point method: It is a highly effective and preferred method where you are contrasting different aspects of two elements on individual points

It’s your call at the end of the day so, pick the method that suits you, but make sure that your compare and contrast essay does not end up looking like a poorly assembled puzzle.

For example, if you are planning on comparing and contrasting coffee and tea, you need to make sure that you provide strong points of differences as both seem similar at first.

Writing a contrast and compare essay takes a lot of research, so make sure you do that. Keep reviewing your essay until you are satisfied and quote sources whenever necessary.

If you do not have time to invest in research, because of your part-time or a full-time job, then get professional help. Professional services are available that handle your assignments on your behalf. They have experts on their team to deliver your assignment on time.

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