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Drafting a research paper is time-consuming work. Students usually invest countless hours in finding a suitable topic, hunting various sources, acquiring relevant materials, and putting all the information into a paper.

Some say the writing part is the most difficult one, but the topic selection is the trickiest part. In this blog, we have discussed some powerful hacks which help you in developing an outstanding research paper topic.

Finding a Proper Research Topic:

The topic, as well as the explanation, reflects your point of view, thoughts, and objectives. If you do not select a convincing topic that excites you, this process will appear more tedious for you.

You must be a little self-centred while choosing a topic for crafting a research paper. You should consider the subject which you find interesting.

You can either work on a topic from scratch or get inspiration from many sources, including the news headlines, real-life incidents and published articles in the magazines, etc.

When the teachers provide you with the topics, feel free to discuss with him or her to get insight details of the topic.

When the teachers provide you with the topics for your assignment, feel free to discuss with him or her to get assignment help for elucidating that research topic.

What are the various research paper styles? 

There are different research paper styles you may adopt. Make sure you select a research paper topic depending upon these styles:

  • Persuasive Research Papers Topics
  • Argumentative Research Papers Topics
  • Education of Research Papers Topics
  • Informative Research Papers Topics
  • Analytical Research Papers Topics

The interesting, controversial topics for teenagers and debate ideas.

Find Relevant Information on the Topic:

You must dig deep to traverse information about the topic you have opted for. An interesting topic will not bring good feedback and marks to the table. You must rummage numerous sites for information.

Make sure to select a topic which not only exciting but also has adequate information. An explainable topic that has potential sources of information takes you to the driver’s seat in handling the subject.

No doubt, the topic is the backbone of the paper, but you need relevant information as the body element. You may go for both offline and online resources like textbooks and articles, etc.

When you are working on a topic that needed scientific explanations, take help from the most debatable side. Besides, if you have chosen controversial issues, you must search for strong arguments to support the thesis.

It is to be noted that if you are not accustomed to the subject, never hesitate to ask your professors for solving your queries. Your purpose is to understand the topic well and acquire plenty of information to explain them in the research paper. However if you want to get an A+ grade in your paper at one go, take the help of a professional Research Paper Writing Service.

What are the features of good research paper topics? 

The teachers categorize your research paper topic according to the following features:

Concrete & Specific:

A research topic must be concrete and specific. The explanation must be centred on that specific topic. The teachers never prefer unnecessary dragging. The clarification of the topic should only focus on the relevant points which back up the topic.


The topic can be a virgin which has not been explored before. You can induce ‘out of the box’ thinking by trying out a totally different topic.

Highly Important:

The students can also choose research paper topics according to the subject’s impact on the society, community and professional fields. Before writing, think, ‘how valuable the topic is?’ and what is the significance of the topic from the perspective of the current time.

Contemporary Relevance:

It is your failure to choose a topic that cannot draw a reader’s attention. Your professors will definitely love a research paper topic with contemporary relevance. Hence, find out a highly relevant topic with potential reviewers and readers.


A trending topic sparks more interest, generate the professor’s attention. The merging disciplines surely work in your favour because of its novelty and unexplored aspect.

Think About Your Readers:

A topic that seems exciting for you, may not cast that excitement on your professors and the readers. You not only need to explain your own point of view, but also keep in mind what could be the reader’s opinion about the topic. If you are working with a persuasive or argumentative essay topic, you have to consider your probable reader’s point of view on that subject matter.

Check out the three types of research questions here:

At first, make up your mind what kind of research questions you are going to formulate. Before that, go through the three primary types of research questions that the teachers usually prefer;

Casual Questions:

In this type of question, the students understand the importance of investigating certain casual relationships and ideas. They want to alter some variables with proper justification.

Comparative Questions: 

This kind of question figures out the dissimilarities and the differences between two entities or more.

Descriptive Questions:

You need to construct this type of questions focusing on the vivid details and the observation of an event, a phenomenon, a subject, and a venue, etc. This topic aims to reveal undiscovered aspects and essential facts.

A list of some examples which you can select as your next research paper topic:

Research Paper Topics On Medicine:

  • Should we advertise prescription drugs directly to the consumers?
  • Medical precautions to save babies born before 28 weeks!

Research Paper Topics on Marketing and Advertising:

  • Media response to political ads
  • Should ads on alcoholism, smoking, violations, etc. be banned?

Research Paper Topics on Internet and computer Science:

  • How to control airport security with computer technologies?
  • Associated risks of confidential data storage and detection

Research Paper Topics on Environment:

  • What measurements do we need to take to save trees and waste paper?
  • Is Nuclear power safe for human beings?

Experience matters in selecting a research paper topic:

Being interested in a subject and acquiring enough information about it is excellent, but have you ever thought about how experience plays a crucial role in thinking about a topic? Surely it is.

If you can land on a subject matter where you have professional or personal experience, it will immensely help you in researching.

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Read more articles to land on a suitable research paper topic:

Reading helps us a lot in shaping your thoughts and moulding our point of view. The more you read, you will get access to more resources. In many universities, the professors serve a catalogue of research paper articles. It is indeed a useful guide for you. Try to read most of the resources given by your professors, along with the other materials.

To conclude with, ideal topic selection takes you to the halfway of impressing your professor. There are various exciting topic fits into categories like environmental sciences, education, communication and languages, politics, current events, business, art, criminal justice, psychology, and economics.

Hence, do not think much. Think wisely, choose a category listed above, and draft an excellent research paper.

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