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Personality is a common term which describes the aura of an individual. In our daily lives, this term is carelessly thrown around for describing different aspects of a person’s life. Personality judgments are easily implemented by people. Our traits define the person we are. Different people may have similar tastes, but the combination of all the characteristics gives that special unique touch to every individual. Personality traits help us in many ways, but they can also be a source of obstacles. Our physical traits like height, weight, color, dressing sense, etc. as well as our social characteristics like generosity, kindness, sociability, etc. define our personality. Meanwhile online essay writing on personality is a good idea to figure you out and develop into a better position in life.


Psychologists believe that human personality is shaped by the situations to which he/she is exposed to different stages of life. There are some theories about personality:

  • Some people are of the opinion that personality is fixed and unchangeable. However, some psychologists are of the view that personality is a flexible aspect of human life that can easily be changed. People having a robust and stable personality are admired for their success since they achieve it in less time. They are also easily the ones to become the leaders since they do not like following.
  • People with weak personalities tend to be timid, irritable and impatient. Hence they require more time to achieve success since they give up hope in the face of difficulties.

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The first question which pops up is that “How flexible or changeable a human personality is?” Even if the answer is “Yes,” we should still keep in mind that personalities cannot be altered completely. Only a few traits of an individual’s personality can be changed. The question of “how to modify the personality” is more important than “what to change” A person needs to have a complete knowledge and thorough understanding of his/her personality before they get started on this. They can get to know themselves better this way. A change in attitude towards different issues in life is needed if they want to change a personality trait. Also, giving oneself the time to prepare for such a change is required. Changes in personality happen over time. It is not a sudden process that can take place overnight.


There is a direct correlation between appearance and personality. Good appearance significantly contributes to the growth of a personality. A strong personality affects the appearances positively. Both are essential parameters for determining the human value. While personality indicates the human value, in the long run, appearance indicates it in the short term. The two most important criteria while establishing a relationship with a new person are appearance and personality. The appearance attracts people first but with the passage of time personality gains more importance. There goes a famous saying “Do not judge a book by its cover.” The same applies to judge a person. Some of us are quite easily influenced by the type of appearance of a person before understanding the personality even. Hence we make a wrong choice most of the time. Judging by appearance wouldn’t be the best option always.


While college essay writing service in personality description essay like a reflective essay you should find the critical turning point in your life which led to your growth in any aspect, professional or otherwise. There is no need of summarizing your entire lives. Describing only the essential parts which made all the difference is enough for your essay. Remember to focus on two points – First is the moment when something influenced you and second is the time when such influences reached a goal. Use little points to indicate the changes in your personality traits over time. Think about the main idea of your personality essay before you even start constructing the piece. Try creating an emotional bond between you and your readers. Evoking empathy can be an excellent way to connect with your readers. Writing a personality description essay is not an easy task. You need to make it non-trivial. The more details you provide, the stronger will be the bond between you and your readers.

Most of the definitions of personality take into consideration the totality of the person, i.e., all the abilities, tendencies and inherent and acquired characteristics both. Describing your assignment writing service towards personality leads to an inherent scrutiny which can then help you to determine your position and also whether you require changing any traits. To identify your traits try taking a personality quiz and answering questions about yourself. Once you are aware of whom you are, start working on your topic. Good luck!

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