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There goes a famous saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” It is appropriately important to follow this saying if you want to have a genuine and unbiased understanding of a text. Unfortunately, people always do not have the patience to read something right up to the end. Hence the “cover” or the title of your piece should be compelling enough for your audience to delve right into reading your article. A catchy title can surely bring the limelight upon you making your paper stand out from the rest. For constructing a compelling title, you need to keep in mind three things- the hook, the key terms, and the source.

The title of an essay occupies the sweet spot- the front and center and the first page. It is where most of the attention of the readers go at first. Hence it has to be quite attractive. Choosing a title can make or break the quality of your paper. Hence it should be selected wittily. Your title should poke the curiosity of the readers. It will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your wisdom and writing capacity. This point is especially relevant for freelance writers who need to attract clients through their writings. When you obtain online essay writing help from assignments4u, then the essay writers will provide you with the guideline for creating a good title. The title also gives a lot of context about an essay. They provide clues about the important features of an essay such as its tone, structure, angle/stance, etc.

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Just like all essays have their outline, similarly, an essay title also has a clear framework following which may increase the attractiveness of your title. Have a look!

  • A hook- This introduces the paper creatively and compellingly.
  • Topic keywords- This segment introduces the concepts that you will be delving into and be discussing. The “what” of your essay is integrated into this part.
  • Focus Keywords- The “where/when” segment of your piece is incorporated here. It is a vital component of your headline and has more information which makes it professional.



A good essay title should have the following qualities or elements to be considered as good. They are as follows:

  • Attractive- The most prominent trait is that your essay title should be eye-catching. Interesting taglines or titles tend to attract more readers than blatant plain ones. However always keep in mind the audience of your work, before constructing a title. In some situations, a clear statement of facts might be the best choice for building the title.
  • Believable- Do not stay away from the central focus of the whole essay while composing your title. While making your title catchy if you stray from the truth, then it is bound to anger your reader.
  • Easy to read- Complicated titles are a big no-no for all your writings. They tend to make the readers lose interest.
  • Active voice- Active voice appeals to the readers more than the passive voice.
  • Brief- Make your essay concise and precise. Give an accurate idea of what you are going to write. That makes it attractive.
  • Identify the subject and tone of the essay- A good essay title always introduces the subject and tone of the essay in it.


Following are a few tips to write proper essay titles. Assignments4u is the cheapest essay writing service which will surely provide you with some relevant tips. Have a look:-

  • Use subtitles- Having a killer subtitle to elaborate the main title can fetch you brownie points for your essay. Many essays have both a title and a subtitle to fulfill the criteria of awesomeness.
  • Sum it up- Another criterion is, to sum up, the whole idea in a few words. Keep it brief. Keep it simple. Keep it accurate.
  • Use a phrase from other texts- You can always take inspiration from other texts for constructing the title of your essay. Direct quotations must be placed within quotation marks. Quoting attractive phrases from other texts can set the tone and mood of the whole essay.
  • Use puns- Clever wordplay has its rewards. However, you should understand the fine line that separates funny and corny. Know your audience and construct your essay title. Funny titles may not serve the purpose always.
  • Be provocative- This strategy may work best for argumentative or persuasive essays. Poking the defensive trait of your audience to some extent may work well. However, you should know the limits. It would be advisable not to push your audience over the threshold of patience and rub them the wrong way.
  • Take ideas from other sources- To understand how a good title works you need to study other sources as well that have winning titles for their articles. Get ideas from them.


Creating a catchy title for your essay is extremely difficult. You need to connect to the audience’s interests, and you need to channelize that interest through your title in a way that attracts them immediately. You can achieve this purpose in the following way:-

Understand the structure of the title

  • Construct a hook- Almost all titles have the same basic structure. It is the hook which makes a difference and assigns the uniqueness and creativity to the essay title. A hook can be an image, a quote from your essay or play on words as well.
  • Choose the key terms- The keywords should act as an introduction and summarize the theme of your essay. Avoid general and non-specific terms in your title.
  • Cite the source- This tells the reader about the location of the content and the setting of the essay.

Use Keywords or images

  • Consider the tone of the essay- Try matching the tone of your title to the tone of your essay. If it’s an informative essay, the title will be serious. If it’s argumentative, the title can border on a humorous tone.
  • Do not use an extremely long title- Try summarizing your ideas within two to three words. Keep it brief and attractive.
  • Choose two to three words from your essay, preferably from your introduction or conclusion.
  • Use a powerful and unique image- Think of a bold image that may be summed up in a few words. It should spring the reader’s attention right onto your essay.

Use a quote or wordplay

  • Look for a key quote or phrase- Using quotations and phrase from the source material will increase the strength of your essay. Look for quotes that highlight the central theme of your essay.
  • Reword a cliché– Rewording a common term or phrase in a catchy way to serve the purpose of your essay can be a winning way of creating titles.
  • Go for wordplay- Word plays have a punch of their own. They attract readers right away.


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