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There are times when you would just prefer being killed than facing another task of writing those torturous articles. You especially feel this way when you have to write pro-death penalty articles. You may already feel that you are being given a death sentence just by being asked to create an article on this topic. Well, don’t sweat it. I have covered all your worries in this article, and you will find interesting topic ideas for your essay.


Another term for the death penalty is capital punishment, and it has been in operation since ages. It is an integral part of the system of a judiciary which is the pillar on which the stability of the entire society rests. There have been several discussions as to whether it is right on moral grounds or whether it deters criminals from committing crimes. Some are of the opinion that the death penalty can stop criminals because of fear whereas others believe that nothing hinders them from their evil plans and paths. Whatever may be the reason, the issue of committing violence and crimes being a punishable offence has been a debatable topic for a long time. We will discuss it further in the article. Online assignment help is demanded by students to manage office work and still submit assignments on time.

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By the time you finish reading the essay, you will be a pro at constructing death penalty articles. But before creating one, here are a few tricks of the trade that you must have up your sleeve.

  • Articles should be chosen from reputable sources. It doesn’t mean that you have to choose only reputable newspapers or well- known websites as your source. The major point is that your article should be backed up with cited facts. If you use statistics, you should be aware of whether they come from authentic sources.
  • Your sources should be as varied as possible. Including diverse information widens the spectrum of your essay. You can include articles with an opposing point of views. Even if you have a firm stance on the topic, you need to understand the opposing views as well so that you can comment on them.
  • Do not get influenced by biases. Most sources who write about such a controversial topic may have some limitations from their publications and hence cannot express their opinions freely. You should have the ability to judge whether the source is for or against the topic. Fill out the view opposite to what is expressed in the source, and that will balance out the information smoothly.



People, arguing in favour of capital punishment often tend to state the fact that it not only keeps in check the person in question but also prevents potential criminals from committing crimes. They believe that the criminals would at least contemplate the penalty for their crimes before committing it. They feel that the presence of the death penalty will stop the criminals from committing the crimes because nothing is worth risking one’s life. There exists another argument which says that the death penalty brings closure for the families of the victims. The fact that they are being meted out punishments from the government can be satisfying, and the families of the survivors who have lost their loved ones can finally move on. The absence of the death penalty may have a worse effect since the survivors may turn to vengeance to gain justice for their loved ones. This, in turn, creates more violence in the society. Thus to summarise, having a death penalty tends to decrease crimes for fear of punishments. Attending college can be tiresome, hence do my homework service prevents negative marking due to incomplete homework.



Now since you have an idea about the issue, you can base your essay on the arguments stated above. However, if you are still confused then have a look at the pro-death penalty articles listed below:

  • #1. How the death penalty saves lives?

This article talked about the case of a man who committed two first degree murders and was sentenced to the death penalty. It then states the popular opinions on the death penalty and also informs the readers that state executions vary anywhere from 2- 20 in Texas, annually. It gives statistics to prove the statement. The article concludes on the note that the execution of criminals deters the growth of murderers thus saving innocent lives in the process. Though this article does not include any links to the studies, it gives substantial statistics and the states the cities from where they were acquired. The sources are credible.

This article talks about the then governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney whose plan was to create an error-free death penalty. That way innocent life would not be sentenced to death. Achieving 100% accuracy in anything is impossible, but Romney’s determination is commendable. The article then goes onto state statistics proving that states having the death penalty have a lower rate of homicide. The article uses findings from a diverse range of sources to support this claim. It also provides links to various credible and authentic sources.

This article uses emotions more than a direct statement of facts. It supports the stance of capital punishments being the deterrence for murderers and retribution for victims and their families. The article also supports death penalty over life in prison because life in prison tends to leave the delicate areas of crime untouched and there is a certain amount of connection between the criminal and the society due to the gang connections of the criminal. The approach which this article takes is starkly different than other pro-death penalty articles. It provides a link to a document from the US Department of Justice and gives statistics of the amount of violence that takes place in the hands of prison gangs. This adds a unique touch to the article.

  • #4. Mr Death Penalty

This article talks about an avid death penalty advocate, Kent Scheidegger. He is a Californian lawyer who is a staunch pro-death penalty supporter. The article states his responses to common arguments. They range from opposition to capital punishment to racial biases to whether this type of penalty deters criminals or not. This article is an excellent source for acquiring direct quotes of one of the most active members of pro-capital punishment, instead of just stating statistics.


Crime has been an inherent part of every society since the beginning of time. The measures to prevent them have been many, but they have remained unsuccessful to eradicate it completely from the society. However capital punishment or death penalty is one such measure which instills a fear amongst the criminals so much so that they sometimes refuse to indulge into any misdeeds for fear of their lives. Thus capital punishment definitely serves the purpose of justice. Students utilize online essay writing to prevent sitting with a single essay for an entire day.

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