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While approaching an essay, our main thoughts are usually to create an entertaining, engaging and attractive content that will appeal to the readers. We often tend to forget about the way that the content will be written. The point of view (POV) in which your essay is being presented is usually crucial. Choosing your mode of communication can be quite confusing. If the tone of the essay is not in line with the POV, then it can be disastrous. But do not worry. I will be describing all the three POVs here with a particular focus on the third person POV.


To clear your concept about the three different point of views have a look below:

  • First-person writing- When you use the first-person writing, use “I” and “me”. You will be narrating in the first person to the readers. The whole essay will be described from your perspective. The use of the first person testifies that the author is writing exclusively from his/her point of view and no second or third person’s view is involved. First person narrative gives a subjective, personal and intimate tone of voice to the writing. It also gives the author the liberty to withhold information as he/she pleases. Assignments4u offers assignment help for students who do not get required study material. First person narrative conveys the author’s thoughts, opinions, emotions, judgments etc. This first person narrative is the usual choice while writing memoirs, autobiographical pieces etc. where the author also serves as a character in the story that he is narrating. However, this POV does have some limitations. The author is limited to a single point of view which becomes restrictive and narrow. Also, there is a risk on the author’s part of making himself the focus of the essay thereby withdrawing focus from the other important characters and narrowing the scope of the essay. Thus writing an essay in the first person narrative is not always effective.
  • Second-person writing- The second person narrative makes use of the pronoun “you”. This POV is equivalent to a self-help book structure. It speaks to the audience directly. Assignments4u provides online essay writing for students who become burdened with essay writing. The second person puts the reader into the story and if handled tactfully can completely submerge the readers into the narrative. You can effectively communicate how you feel at each moment. There is already a strong sense of empathy in the readers. Second-person allows you to converse with the reader giving them a chance to fill the gaps mentally. It helps the readers to bond with the story. However writing in second-person can change into an exercise in technique rather than a definitive story. The biggest problem with the second-person narrative is that you have to maintain balance while imparting the character to the reader. The conversational tone of writing in second-person is not usually ideal for academic writings.
  • Third-person writing- Third-person writing uses pronouns such as “they”, “him”, “her”, “it” etc. This writing is considered the best one for essays and has an outside narrator. The third-person narrative is the most flexible type of narrative. Assignements4u provides college essay writing service for students who miss out on lecture notes. Here the narrator is not a part of the story serving only as an uninvolved and an unnamed narrator. The use of this POV makes the essay sound more factual as it is not just a personal collection of thoughts and ideas of the author. The essay tends to sound more professional with this POV. Third person narrative helps establish a vast distance between the narrator and the reader which is required to present the rhetorical questions of the essays. Hence this is the most appropriate POV to be used for writing an essay.

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Third-person writing is the most appropriate POV to be used in the essay. What makes it so important you might wonder? The points mentioned below answers your question.

  • Third-person makes your essay sound more assertive- When you use the first-person narrative, it makes your piece sound more passive. Using third person narrative states a definitive tone. It states a fact instead of expressing anyone’s personal opinion.
  • Third-person writing makes your support more credible- First-person narration make your essay sound like it is coming from a source which is non-reliable or non-credible. Presenting facts with “I think” doesn’t give it any credibility or validity. Third-person encourages the use of other sources to validate the claim.
  • Third-person writing sounds more professional- While writing in first or second persons lend a conversational tone to the essay, the third person narrative, on the other hand, gives it a more professional touch. A third person narrative is more specified.


So it is a fact that the third-person writing is quite important for essays. However, I will not say that that is always the case. There are a few exceptions when first and second person writings hold more credibility.

  • While writing a personal narrative, you may sometimes require using the first person narrative while expressing your own opinions in the essay. Narrative essays are all about real-world experiences.
  • When you are talking about your own opinions or viewpoints, then you may need to use the first-person narrative.
  • When you are doing other informal types of writing, you may use the first and second-person narratives.


While concentrating on academic essays, third-person writing is crucial and should be strictly followed. It is not hard to convert a piece into third-person writing. Just look at the references and change around the sentence from “I”, “me” etc. to suit the tone and POV. Try your hand at writing a third-person narrative and refer back to this blog for any doubts. All the best!


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